Saturday, 14 May 2011


Hello all,

This is an Italian Sahariana desert patrol truck/thingy.It is the Italian answer to the LRDG, and to be honest its bloody huge.It was by all accounts a very useful mode of transport.
 I have had this knocking around the work bench/pig sty for a while in various stages of build and finally got round to finishing it last week.
Then it took more another week and a half to take pictures of the beast.
With any luck the blogger monster of Friday will not strike and I will loose all of this.

The figures are from Wee friends figures (another favourite of mine) and are not included in the Italeri kit.The figures include a crew for the gun, but I found you need to build the gun around the figures to get them to fit, which i didn't.
Not to panic Italeri do a version with a cannon which I happen to own so they should look good on that one.
The window comes with two options and both have to have some plastic cut to size, and I am crap at that so  out came an new one for me.Micro solve do a glue for canopy's that can also do small windows.It worked a treat and was worth the £2.50 that it cost.

The gun was a sod to build with about 16 different parts to it.It does give a good final model but again it was an arse ache to fit the figures in.
The flag decal went on better than I thought it would, but then again micro solve is great stuff and a good dose of that sorted it.
The pictures are not great and do not show the bear metal scrapes that I did on the sand channels and Jerry cans.The MG on the drivers side did not fit and needs to have the mount shortened to fit under the dash board.
All in all a kit that if you did it twice it would look better  second time round.I am lucky that I own the other one so while it is is fresh in my head I will dig it out.
An interesting subject that I will explore further and make a mess of.


Cheers for looking,    Rich.


Anonymous said...

Another small masterpiece again. The base looks great, the weathering of the vehicle just fine. Good work!

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Great job,Rich...awesome diorama

Paul said...

Rich, that is a fine looking kit you have constructed and finished.

You are in a different league mate...Ands its way above me!

Tim Gow said...

Very nice work. I have owned this kit for a few years now but a combination of fear and lack of time has so far delayed it's build. I have a couple of the Grubby Tanks resin Saharinas - much easier!

Paul´s Bods said...

Another good n´
I´ve never seen that vehicle before.
All the water (?) canisters on the side...I hope they are water and not petrol!!!! Still, either way...they look pretty vulnerable like that.

west1871 said...

Cheers all,

Paul thanks for the high praise, but wait to you see my ahm fisted bash at that Gazelle I was on about,then theres the Heller Samou tank I have cocked up......

Cheers Rich.

Anonymous said...

Great diorama. The Sahariana is one of my favorite WW2 vehicles.
Thanks for the pics.