Sunday, 14 November 2010

JB Models/Airfix L118 Light Gun 105mm.

Hello again.
This is some more older work.I posted this on Bennos a while ago but I think the pictures were crap.
This JB models(now an Airfix release) of a L118/l119 105mm light gun.It is used by countries all over the world.The kit comes with two guns and either the L118(British) or the L119(USA) can be made.the difference is the size of barrel and breech block.The gun can be built in firing or towed position.The crew does NOT come with the kit and are from CMSC(now Kingfisher miniatures,).
 The trailer is from JB Models(Airfix) land rover set and I have used as a limber.Also available is the 1 tonne land rover that can be used to tow the gun.Now a days the Pinzgauer is used to tow it.A dio of one under slung from a Puma or Chinook would be an idea.
The hand spike was added from a broom bristle and the recoil springs were covered with Vallejo putty to make covers.The crew comes with shells and charges but sods law I lost them in the mountain of kits in the stash so I had to scratch build the spent cases out of plastic rod.They have now surfaced and will be add to the next dio I build.
Now people have said that the gun is aiming to low but on some research I found pictures and film of guns firing at that angle,SO BACK OFF!!!I thought I had cocked up  until I saw it,so its a bit of a relief.
The base is sand (yawn),PVA glue,(yawn) paint and dry brushing(yawn),but this time some normal static grass around the gun to make it look like its been trodden down (Cheers Paul for that mate)and Silfor tufts around the edge of the base.
I have about four of these guns in various states of quality build,but will get more and build them to a better standard.More scratch building on them like a computerised firing system and such.I have the 1Tonner Land rover and towed gun built and painted, I just have to build a descent base for them.


Cheers for looking Rich.


Paul´s Bods said...

Me still likey...:-)
The only thing wrong with it is the lack of someone making a brew :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks good, and the figures go well with the gun, both are 1:72 right?

Paul said...

Breathtakingly super! Really top notch work.

Al said...

Excellent, have thought about getting a couple of these, just for collecting sake

Gunnar i Gatan said...

Me like! Looks great!

Galpy said...

some real nice work going on here keep it up

west1871 said...

Cheers all,

They are 1/76 but most of the modern brits on the market are about that any way so it works well.

Anonymous said...

i love the work you have done on the combat 95s that the crew are wearing, the woodland dpm is spot on, have you put up any british troops in this woodland dpm?