Sunday, 23 November 2014

New(ish) man cave.

Hello all,

A few months back the wife wanted my son to have a larger room so I was kicked out of the guest room into a smaller room. The bribe was it would be re decorated (by us) very cheaply for about £100 all in.
Well after a few more months later I still hadn't settled in and it didn't feel right, I worked out that I couldn't find my paints easily in the current location so something was needed to be done.
I had seen a few ideas on the net but they were all out of reach of my limited budget. Then I had a flash of inspiration or a few beers one or the other. I think I saw something on line that I thought I could knock that up for a fraction of the price. It must have been beer because I am crap at DIY and other tools (ask the good lady).Any way here is the outcome,
A quick trip to B & Q and I walked out with some baton, some thin strips of wood, No nails glue a shelf and a saw.

I got the bloke at B & Q to cut the shelf on their saw, for the frame, but everything else was cut, glued and screwed by my own fair hand, and a little helping  hand to hold the shelves from the good lady Mrs West.

This one is just one long version of the two tier ones.

Please beware that normal service has resumed and it looks like it has been hit by and air strike.

A small sample of the stash. it still needs the lighting sorting out but all in all a nice place to work.
Well I have no excuse for not picking up the hairy sticks and getting them wet now, just need somewhere to put them when they are finished!

Cheers for looking, any comments or tips more than welcome.



Solo wargaming-on a budget! said...

This is a very good idea-well done Sir! You have a great man cave there and I will be copying your work...if thats OK?

Al said...


Paul Foster said...

Great looking set up Rich.

Impressed I am.

peter said...

Great man cave Rich! Now start painting and show us what you can do in that room!
Happy New Year mate!


Pendragon Without said...

Looking absolutely lovely! Nice handiwork on the shelving.

west1871 said...

Cheers all,
I will have to post some more of my work on the blog! It does make life a lot easier trying to find the right paint.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rich,

I love this blog. I would love to get in contact with you to discuss some business.

If you get time please drop me an email at the below:



Monty said...

Well done, mate!


Hi Rich,
nice blog !
2011 you made some SAS Dafohr figures,
did you do any Adoos also, I was hoping to find any pictures of them but it is realy hard.

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