Sunday, 9 November 2014

Italeri fast build M4A3 1/72 WIP

HI all,
It's been a very a very long time since I have posted anything let alone build anything!my life has been very mad over the last year or two and not in a good way, but never mind that I have now found my hairy sticks again.
I tried to build this M4 in the style of a Pacific variant with scratch built wooden side skirts and stowage on the engine deck.Now the question is should I cover the stowage with a tissue paper tarp? I don't think it looks right just "sat" there.
The Sherman was painted using a rattle can and MiG pigments dusted over with Tamiya weathering powders, I do like the subtle smoke on the gun barrel.please be gentle as I'm not quite back in the groove of model making and still trying to get my mojo back!

Thanks for looking and look forward to any advice.
Cheers Rich.


Tim Gow said...

Looks pretty damn good to me. And welcome back!

Ubique Matt said...

Long time no see! Nice looking model, I'd add a tarp but have it pushed back (rolled back from one corner?) so you can see some of the detail of the equipment.


west1871 said...

Thanks lads,
I think I will give the tarp a go, leaving a bit on show.

peter said...

Looks really good to me! I didn't notice that you were away for a while, because I wan't a regular poster myself for the past months! ;-)