Monday, 17 November 2014

Italeri RAAF Hawk 100 1/72

Hello all,

I have forgotten to post the final pictures of my Austrailan  Hawk 100, after about a year or so I found the pictures on the hard drive so  can lay this one to rest. A nice build but the pain job was an arse ache, the decals do not look right.
Not a bad job in the end and the price was right.

The varnish trick on the masking tape paid of.

The dark grey paint colour is far to dark for this aircraft.

Looks better on the paper printed runway.

Still missing the SAM's.

Nice shot of the on the runway.

Another view of the cockpit.

This has taken a long time to post from finishing to blog but he ho. I have anther of these kits and I will be doing anther build.

Thanks for looking and any comments more than welcome.


Paul Foster said...

Nice work Rich. Just the right amount of shine for this scheme.

I have been looking at this for 10 minutes trying to work out something in the back of my mind that was off with this 127, then it clicked!

The roundels are the wrong colour. They should be a low viz light grey.

Not your fault mate! You can only work with what you are supplied.

Good skills.

west1871 said...

Cheers Paul,

The decals are not right and also I used a far to dark grey on the top but hey ho,lessons learned and on to the next on.


Paul Foster said...

I think you may be too hard on yourself with the shade of grey.

I kicked the tires on these at RAAF Williamtown in 2010. They were all in the older scheme then, but they even that scheme looks darker at various times of the day.

Nice link:

Al said...

Very cool, nice to see you back. Crack on!

peter said...

Excellent work Rich!