Sunday, 6 February 2011


 Hello all,

Well this is my "truck month" contribution.It's another older work re-visited but what with the six nation's rugby,decorating, and Mrs West1871 I am a bit short on time.
Yes,yes,yes I know it's another JB models and yes it's in a desert on the same base but I love the JB range.
I have fond memories of the 4 toner, bouncing around the Welsh countryside and watching it disappearing over the horizon just as we came up to the end of a TAB with the cry of "only another 3 more miles you lazy b@#tards".
This is another brilliantly simple kit to build,the only down side is the trap is a bit rubbish.It just doesn't look right, a bit of filler or putty might sort it out.
 I have a conversion set from CMSC (now kingfisher miniatures) for an open back version.but I managed to cut off the hinge brackets we trying to clean it up.It was the first time I had tried resin and it put me off for a long time.I feel I could bodge something now so maybe before the month is out you might get to see it.

The decals are also a pain in the arse.They just curl up an do not want to stick to anything.Paul of Paul's bods fame suggested wood glue so I will give that a try.You do however get several options including a UN version.Judging by when this kit was released I would say it was for the Balkans conflict.
 The cab is made out of clear plastic and looks good.A good idea for the lazier of us modellers.It's a shame they do not come with wing mirrors but I could and have made them out of plasti card and Staples before.

In the conversion kit it comes with a roof ring that could be also made out of plasti card.You also get a template for bending wire for the oped body version.

I will do the next 4 toner in European colours and at a pinch if I am a good boy, get one for my birthday and do a UN truck.
I would recommend this kit to anyone interested in modern era models or the  British army.


Cheers for looking   Rich.


Tim Gow said...

Very nice. I remember seeing a lot of these in the '70s going back and forward to the training camp at Barry Buddon. Particularly memorable was the one which got stuck under a railway bridge. They had to let down the tyres and push it through. How about that for a diorama?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Tip, give the frame a contrasting color (black or dark brown), it is now too yellow all together ;)

Paul´s Bods said...

Bloody hell!! my gas powered PC is allowing me to post!!!! Wonders will never cease :-D I hope this continues.
Really nice...a very well painted bedford mate. I had the dubious pleasure of doing my HGV test in one of these when I used to wear green all day. That doulble declutching...enough to drive a man to drink. Luckily I was already drinking at the time so nothing really bad could happen :-)

Beccas said...

Great looking model.

Al said...

Nice. Please replace TAB with Yomp:)

Paul said...

A cracking good looking build! I think the euro colour contrast would be super idea. I have also heard that the cab roof is a little off as well

My ole man used to drive a TK back in the day, and I wrote of one off these 20 yrs ago in a freak Truck vs Diesel Train incident...Trucks and trains don't mix!!!

Thanos said...

Nice and yellow there Rich!
Great addition to your collection.
The weathering is very realistic (sand, dirt)!
Keep up the good work!
And happy birthday (when the day comes) - fingers crossed you'll get one truck for the European colours version!

Bartender said...

So real, you can hear the sand crunching beneath the tyres!

glen towler said...

Happy days I used to drive army Bedfords the MJ with the Turbo was the best 4 speed gearbox cross country lots of fun. Go anywhere no fun for the troops in back hard wooden seats