Monday, 3 January 2011


 Hello all,

This is my attempt at the Airfix Chi-ha tank.I built this ages ago and decided to try and tart it up with some weathering and chipping.
I thought a new base would not go a miss as well.

Airfix is looking to release this kit in 2011 so you do not have to shell out a fortune on EBay anymore. 

I hate tracks of all kinds,so I do not know why I bother with  tanks at all.I know why, it's because I have not master it yet!I had a bad experience with the Airfix Scorpion tank when I first started back in the hobby.I did not know at the time that the tracks are too short for it so I wasted ages trying to get them to fit.The scorpion is a mess and may never see the light of day.

 I do think this is a nice kit and my moaning only reflects my lack of experience with tracks.I do have another one and will give it another go(same with the Scorpion).

I did go a bit mad with the weathering pigment on this one and left it on the shelf for a while.Then having a flash of inspiration and decided to give it a good brush and most of it has come off and doesn't look too bad.Imagine what it looked like before then!

I had no end of fun with this base.I wanted to try some water effects but it has gone tits up in a major way.The land worked out brilliantly it was just the water that's gone wrong.My usual way of PVA glue and sand did not go down to well with the water.I don' know if it was a reaction with the Vallejo water effect/still water,but the sand and glue peeled and cracked like an earthquake.I tried to do some ripples but not that well,but you live and learn.
I tried a technique for chipping I saw on Brit modeller's website on  an Airfix Panzer Mk IV.It is so simple it is unbelievable.All you need is a pencil and gently rub it along the edges.It has not come out to well in this photo, but give it a try.Click on the image for a better look it is worth it!

Cheers for looking   Rich.


mork6969 said...

Another great work! I think I will buy one when the Airfix-Kit is availeable in my "Home-Store".

Thanos said...

Don't be so cruel to yourself mate!
You did your best! And I like it!!
Stick to the positive aspects: you are an owner of a kit that has vanished from the store shelves for quite a while now!!! And you did a terrific job on it!

Alanus, Dux Homunculorum said...

Looks brilliant mate! I had one of these about 30 years ago that I completely stuffed up. Have you thought about using jelly for the water ;-)?

Paul´s Bods said...

Looks really good...the weathering is top mate.
Aren´t revell also going to bring this one out as well?

Tim Gow said...

Very nice. I have a couple of Chi-Has awaiting painting, but they'll not be this good!

Paul said...

Brilliant work. The traks are the bane of most Airfix kits so do not dwell on them.

A must for 2011 is this re release!

Well done.

Al said...

Fine work, it looks really good, I might even give the chipping a go myself

Bartender said...

Did you ever consider starting a Japanese rock garden business? I love the bubbling of the stream and how the water smothers everything in its path.

Maybe off camera, the water effect may be much to be desired (which I doubt), but on camera it looks very vibrant.

For your next project, may I suggest you get a model that looks like David Attenborough and pose him talking to a camera by the stream with some grizzlies fishing for salmon in the background!

rrober said...

Great work !!!

west1871 said...

Cheers for the comments lads,sorry I havn't replied sooner I have been feeling rubbish this week.
The water looks even worse up close,but cheers bartender.

Cheers Rich.

dano said...

Nice, I like the stream. I have the Tamiya 1/35 model but no diorama.