Monday, 24 January 2011


Hello all,

This is another "Older" work of a JB models land rover 1 tonne fc ambulance.
I know, I know it's another JB model but they are great.I really am glad that Airfix took them over and kept them going.
There is a lot wrong with this build but that is down to my inexperience building models.The joins in the body work for one doesn't join and I left a bloody big gap (my fault).

 The good thing about this kit is it does have a very nice interior and can be built with the back doors open.It has several stretchers and could be jazzed up quite nicely.
I have already bought another one and the "doors open" version is next in line.In fact I will be buying another one after that.
The one problem I did have with this kit and JB models in general is the decals.It could have been the fact that it was an old kit but they break up a bit and they were very thin.The good thing about the kit is you do get several different decal options.The one thing I didn't know about the ambulance was the fact the red cross's could be folded up for camo purposes.This could be done with this kit by simply place a thin bit of wire or plastic card on the middle of the cross panels.

The ambulance needed a few touch ups with some Vallejo Iraqi sand and then given a bloody good covering with MiG sand weathering powder.The tires got a good going over because my effort at painting tires has a lot to be desired. 
You will be seeing a lot more of this new base over the coming weeks.I am quite pleased with this base.It only took about an hour to knock up,from start to finish(with drying time of about four hours for the PVA).I have worked out that if you paint it before the glue  is finished drying it will crack and give that dried cracked earth look.

All in all I am happy with the re work on this on (cheaper than buying a new one anyway).I have a load more gulf war trucks and guns to re work and will post them when I have finished them.

Cheers for looking,   Rich.


Bartender said...

The colour is perfect.The vehicle looks like it's endured much under fire.

Tim Gow said...

Another great model Rich. I always rather liked the 1t Landrover - I'll have to get one.

Paul said...

Bloomin nice effort on two fronts. The 1tonner looks super and so does the base.

Keep it up!

Thanos said...

A much neglected aspect: medics!!! :-)
Great work Rich, don't worry though, the gap you are mentioning is not visible.

west1871 said...

Cheers lads.I like the base better than the rover!There will be more of this kit so watch this space.

Cheers Rich.

Paul´s Bods said...

Hurrah!! I can post :-D But only cos I doing this from work which tells me either my PC is S**T or my server is S**T...or both.
Anyhows, looks great mate. I like your mini desert dios. What about a bod standing next to it?

jmchasco said...

Nice one West !
One day of these maybe you can post a step by step about how to made so great terrains ???

Agree with Paul, some bods are needed to bring more life to that great display ! ;)

Regards !

Ubique said...

Very nice looking model and a base to match.


GEM Team said...

nicely done.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Great Work

That goes for all your posts :)

west1871 said...

Thanks everyone, I will try to take a few pictures on the next base I do and do a "show and tell".

Cheers Rich.

Solo wargaming-on a budget! said...

Excellent work, this really is good, I used to drive an ambulance in the army so this really hits the spot for me!
Your starting to tempt me into 20mm for the first time in years. Keep posting!