Saturday, 2 June 2012

Trumpeter Char B, Airfix garage and Pegasus WWII French infantry 1/72.

Hello all,

This was a for a duel that I lost with a mate in Germany (The great Thomas.D), I was soundly beaten by a cracking dio,Attack duel, well done Thomas!
I thought I would try and go for something different, I don't think I have ever seen a dio on the French going on the offensive.I think people forget that the French army put up a brave fight and was not a push over.
This is also one the largest dio's that I have ever done! Eight figures, a tank and a building! Shame there is a bucket load of faults with this one.
A good choice of arms for these blokes with multi part arms.
I like the fact they weapons come with slings.

A great pose, full of action.

A few mold lines on the figures but not hing a knife can't sort.

Fun and games removing him from his base.

The figures I am more than happy with, the dio base on the other hand is the main problem, it just looks to clean for my liking. Many people have said it looks to clean for a bombed out building.
A good choice of running figures.

A bit fiddly putting the arms together.

Front on view

Side view of the counter attack.

The bricks are made from evergreen plastic strip cut up. Same goes for the roof tiles in the rubble, just made from flat plastic.

The corrugated iron and window frame is from SGTS Mess rubble set which is highly recommend.

The Char B is from trumpeter, a bloody great kit to build. The paint job is by hand after a disaster with the airbrush. The black lines around the camo  was done using a black pen and sprayed with varnish to seal it in, learnt a lesson from another French tank on that one.
Should have made the track marks more visible and sink the tank into the base a bit more to stop it looking like its floating.

The Aeriel is a brush hair, very handy for a clumsy sod like me!

The tarp  was made by placing PVA glue soaked tissue paper over some boxes, painted and weathered.

It does look to clean, which has annoyed me because I stopped adding stuff to not over clutter it.

An over view of the dio.
I think I should re visit this one at some point and see if I can do anything with it, the figures and tank are alright just the base.


Cheers for looking,    Rich.


Paul´s Bods said...

It is an original subject and it got my vote..(don´t tell Thomas)
As for it being too looks just fine.

Rodger said...

That is an awesome dio Rich! The painting looks fantastic and the composition is spot on. Lovely work.

Nick Grant said...

That's brilliant Rich!

Jacksarge said...

Those figures are very handsomely painted- well done.

Erhntly said...

Hello Ricch, very nice dio... i like it..!!

Paul said...

I like it Rich, but I see your concerns with the base.

The figures are blooming amazing and the Char looks spot on.

I think you need to add in some uneven ground or perhaps a ditch, maybe even a haystack.

You would have got my vote!

Al said...

Seriously cool dio mate, original topic with really well painted figs. What colour is that you used for their uniforms?

west1871 said...

Cheers mate,
I used Vallejo khaki with a wash of burnt umber

west1871 said...

A lack of planning on the base was the cause and yes it is a bit...flat.

west1871 said...

Cheers mate!

Thanos said...

Splendid dio Rich!
Worth the effort!