Saturday, 23 June 2012

Empress miniatures WWII German Fallschirmjäger 1/72.

Hello all,

Work has had me on a course which involves bloody homework, HOMEWORK!!!! Right in the middle of the Euros as well. So the rate of painted work has suffered but the amount of built armour awaiting the spray gun is amounting 9 at the the moment.
Back to the figure. This was for an airborne duel with the great Zoran (Zzed) over on Benno's. After the spanking I got last time a little honour was restored with a close victory, check out the duel over here,Airborne duel, A big thank you to every one who voted in the duel and thanks to Zoran for the duel.
This figure is from Empress miniatures new 20mm range.

The wall is from Italeri wall set and the rubble is from gale force 9.

I tried to copy the camo from an osprey book, which doesn't look to bad in the end. I had never seen it before but thought why the hell not.

I fact it was a direct copy down to the colours referenced in the book.

The weathering was a good going over with dry brushing and MiG pigments.
I quite like the new Empress miniature range and have already bought a few sets so expect a few more sets to appear.


Cheers for looking,    Rich.


Erhntly said...

very nice camo and very big vinyet !!

Remco said...

It was a nice duel, and I liked this one a lot.
Cool vignette, looks like he is waiting for the enemy ;-)
Congrats Rich!

Paul said...

Ahh Good Man!

What colours did you use for the jumpsuit-smock. They look great!

Rodger said...

Wonderful work there Rich!

Sam's Blog said...

It was a great duel!
between Zoran and you, it was very difficult to choose!
Congrats for you win!

Gowan James Ditchburn said...

Congrats on the win... I did not vote for you but it was a tough decision, I think I said on bennos it was the vivid colour that won my vote

Nick Grant said...

Great work Rich. I'll use yours as a reference for my own Fallshirmjagers...if they ever get done!

Colonel_Scipio said...

Very nice - the terrain looks very natural. Camo is very slick as well, what Osprey book is it from? I've just got a load of Empress Miniatures and was very very impressed with the quality, you've bought it out well. Great stuff!

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Rich, I apologize for not visiting your site...for some reason my computer doesn't want to go there, I have this problem with quite a few places that I would like to go to. I bookmarked your site, I should have thought of that a long time ago...anyways thats some great looking stuff you're doing.

peter said...

This is a really very nice vignette. And congrats with the win!


Anonymous said...


Really nice model, I didn't even know this manufacturer.

Can you tell me if this range of figures could match with underfire miniatures sizes?

west1871 said...

Hi ano,
I do believe there is not a lot of difference in size at all.

Cheers rich

Anonymous said...