Thursday, 17 February 2011


Hello all,

I am back blogging again,nearly finished decorating the hall.It would have been quicker to have got Michelangelo when he did the Sistine chapel.
Anyway this is another older work  (just to show you I am still alive) from Revell Modern British infantry, a bloody brilliant set that I have converted to bits.
The set is a more 1/76 than 1/72 but most of the best tanks and trucks are that scale anyway.Or you could use them for Gurkha's, borrow some kukri's from the Airfix World War II Gurkha's, put it on the webbing job done.
The Bergen cover is just a blob of GW green stuff pushed on the back of the figure,a bit unsteady but if I glue on a dio not a problem.
As you can see I was missing mold lines back then as well, so nothing has change there!
I think I used Vallejo Iraqi sand and saddle brown for the camo and Russian green for the webbing.
A good wash of GW mud brown finished him off.
I tried to paint some insignia on him on the sleeves,to keep Al happy he is meant to be a Royal marine.
Due to the lack of body armour he will have to be from the first gulf war.
Why no other company has made a set of modern Brits in plastic I will never know.It looks increasingly likely that Caesar has binned there planned set,BBBBOOOO HHHHIIISSSS!!!!


Cheers for looking    Rich.


Paul´s Bods said...

I don´t believe it!!!I´ve got on again!! :-D
Bloody good work!! Caeser need a kick up the jacksey...they seem to have got stuck in a WWII german inf rut...ok for some but therés a hell of a lot more people who do other stuff than WWII german inf.
Where for instance are the medieval peasantry??

Ubique said...

Very nice looking camo.


Solo wargaming-on a budget! said...

I was wondering what colours to use and now you have solved this problem. Your figure is excellent! I will be painting up a few of these for certain. Well done and thanks.

ModernKiwi said...

Ah yes, the Caesar Modern Brits are indeed most excellent. Wah ha ha ha ha ha ha hah! Sorry, got carried away there a bit. I hope they come out with the full set of them soon too. My two figures are most lonely.

Al said...

Yes, absolutely spot on, ha almost more kit than person sometimes eh?

Él said...

Beautiful !
Very nice cammo ! great work. ;)

mork6969 said...

Another great work Rich, Thumbs up for this one!

Paul said...

Nice job Rich. I have these as well and was thinking Gurkhas as well, or dwarfs.

Not good news about Caesars set. I hope this is all a rumour!

CarloAntonio said...

Your figure is excellent!Great work.

Best Regard Carlo Antonio

Bartender said...

No idea how soldiers can carry a load like that in the desert and under fire. I think in the future soldiers will be rquipped with power armour.