Monday, 28 February 2011


Hello all,

Sorry I have not been around for this week, I had a lot on at work and home so I have not be able to reply to every ones blogs.
This is my last ditch post for truck month.Its an older work (again) and yes its THAT base again.
To make up for the fact its an older work I have shoved in a new figure, a RLC (Royal logistical corp) driver in green cover alls.Its not surprising that he is having a brew,must be thirsty work behind that wheel all day.Saying that I have been watching "Road warriors Afghanistan" and they do look like they  more than earn there money now.

The face turned out a lot better than I hoped,so another big thanks to Vallejo flesh tone wash for that one.
The green coveralls were a bit of a cop out.I was caught between desert fatigues and European DPM.Being a bone idle git I went with coveralls.
You will have to forgive the join lines all over this model and the rather heavy handed brown dirt wash but I think it was better than putting it on EBay like a few others that have gone that way in my quest for funds for an airbrush and compressor.

I have another of these kits and a NATO version is on the cards to go with my twin seater "TYPHOON" from Revell.To be fair I would like to try another desert kit and a good go at it.
 I have masked up some new base's so I think this will be the last outing for this base  even I am bored with this one.
The model kit is the same as the Bedford truck so there is not a lot I can say to add to it so I wont bore you with that.

I am happy with this revisit to an older kit so it is worth doing.PLEASE CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW AND ANY COMMENTS OR TIPS WELCOME.
Cheers for looking Rich.


Tim Gow said...

Very nice Rich - and you just made it into Truck Month!

Paul said...

Epic skin of the teeth stuff! This looks grand and the figure gives it a nice bit of life.

Good show!

Al said...

Very nice, I also like the addition of the crewman

Paul´s Bods said...

Well I failed...:-( I tried but every where i bloody interesting truck that took my fancy!!
Bloody nice truck mate and
I tell you what Rich...if I want any basing done I´ll give you a shout

mork6969 said...

I like it. Really great, the truck the base and the figure.

GEM Team said...

very nice set up my friend, congrats