Sunday, 6 March 2011


Hello all,

Yes I know I said I would never use this base again,but I lied.I am a very good lair,I once claimed to be pope Gregory the ninth!!!No really, when I was chatting up Mrs West1871 I claimed to be a traffic warden.Then I claimed to be an estate agent, because anything after that would be a bonus!

This is my first ACE kit,again that is not true.This is my second attempt at this model.I asked a mate to try the first one and I never saw him again (left the area before he finished it).
 This might also be my last ever ACE kit as well.
To be honest this build was a pig and nasty horrible PIG!!!!
It has taken me well over 7 months to finish this one.It has sat on the finish tray for ever.The instruction's were crap, the kit was crap and you had to build most of it with copper wire yourself.
To say this is not for beginners is an understatement.
The carpet monster had  a big lunch while I built this kit.I lost the traversing wheels and one of the ammo box covers so I had to use some plastic card to cover it.
The wheel arches sucked as well.If you don't research this model on the net you are well and truly F#$KED!!!!!
The figure is a REME NCO form CMSC figures with was the only bonus about this build.And that's because I painted him a while back.

To be fair this is not a bad kit, it is not that good either.If you miss a stage a place a piece wrong you have lost the kit.I have seen some great build builds on this model so it can be done,just or by me.
It would help if the instructions had more that 4 stages to  them and a bit clearer.
 I nearly left the wheels off because I got the arse with the hole project, but I was determined to finish it and clear the bench a bit.
Normally I would say that I would buy another one but not this time, I could not handle the stress.
It could have been a lot worse, it could have not been finished.
For work I have adopted a new saying I heard on the TV series "The deadliest catch".Moaning is a lot like a rocking horse.It gives you something to do but doesn't get you anywhere.
So on that note I will wrap it up.

Cheers for looking,     Rich.


Tim Gow said...

That looks a scary kit - rather you than me!

peter said...

You did a great job Rich! I couldn't do better ;-)

Paul´s Bods said...

You´ve done a grand job mate on a complicated looking build. It looks very very good.
PS...PM me at Bennos with your facebook and Twitter account codes...I´ve searched but found bugger all.
PPS...I´ve twitted and faced the post :-D

Paul said...

You should know by now that Eastern Europeans have a funny sense of humor.

Still it looks good and better than the one I saw on tv last night just after shooting down one of Gaddihfis jets.

mork6969 said...

Great work on this, Rich! And the figure looks beautiful,too!

GEM Team said...

amazing work my friend.

CarloAntonio said...

Great work !!! Beautiful terrain !!

Compliment !!

Bartender said...

Thumbs up!

Chris M. aka "Sgt. Scream" said...

I absolutely love your blog! This kit is "special" so to say, I built one about a year ago to add it to the back of a lorry for my Iraqi troops. I have another one on my shelf for ground mode like you did.

(check my blog if you want).

EY said...

Nice work on the gun. I agree that Ace kits can be a bear, especially the ones with small thin parts that need so much clean-up.

- Eric

Thanos said...

7 months Rich?
Gosh, that's a lot!
I don't know about the kit, but with your painting it cameout rather well!
The figure is somehow the main character (IMO) on the dio!
Great work!