Saturday, 11 December 2010


Hello all,

This is another "Plane month"entry, and I have to say a "BLOODY SEXY KIT".Don't get me wrong it not Natalie Imbruglia, Katy Perry or the wife sexy, but you get my meaning.
I will start at the beginning.I had an old Airfix MiG 15 kit knocking around and for some reason I thought I had bought two.So when Plane month came along I thought I would start the second one (the first attempt being crap and ending up in the bin.).
I thought I saw it up in the loft, so this morning suffering with man flu I scaled the ladder and discovered I owned one (The one in the bin).A quick dash down to the local shop and hummed and arrhhed about paying £5.99 (£1 more than normal) for a new one.I had heard there was a new tooling out of this kit.I got Home and opened it up and realised that it was the new tooling of this kit and it was BRILLIANT!!!!!!
I had been toying with the idea of getting the hobby boss kit or the resin seats and new canopy for it,because to be honest the last one was crap.
I don't real like planes that much but the MiG 15 has always caught my attention, I still don't know why but I do.
Airfix has thrown out the old mold and started afresh with this kit  and it shows.I started at 10.30am with this kit and finished at 5.30pm (with 4 pints and most of "Black hawk down" watched).
I have decided to fight off this man flu with beer, beer and some more beer just for good measure!
I have enjoyed this kit beyond belief,it was a pleasure to build after that MiG 21 which was an old kit.
The kit went together like a dream, the only problems were my heavy handiness with the cutters.
The instructions were detailed and easy to follow,and the painting  and decal sheet were the best I have ever seen. A nice two sided colour glossy sheet showing all three options.I wish all instruction's were this detailed.
This time the aerial wire behaved it's self.I am not sure it is in the right place but I went off the box so be gentle with me.
The paint I used was Revell acrylic 361/99 aluminum.It is the best paint for planes I have used.Vallejo metal paints I find are not that good,maybe I need to use the alchol based paint mind you they do cost.The Revell paint gives you an airbrushed finish.
 Again I have used the printed runways fromPistes pour diorama(free runways), Again many thanks to this site for the info.The hexagon design is meant to be a Russian runway,I am happy to take their word for it they seem to know what they are on about.
There is the world supply of decals for this kit, and for a change they went on like a dream.I used nearly all of them bar a few odds and sods.As you can see the plane is covered in them.
This time the exhaust smoke effect worked and didn't look like it had been shot down.
All in all this is a great kit and I am going to get at least one more,North Korean version is screaming out to be done.If Airfix keeps banging out kits of this standard I will be a happy bunny,bring on the new Spitfire I say!!!!


Cheers for looking,  Rich.


Paul said...

Outstanding work on the Faggot! Awesome painting and a great 'Man' story to boot.

10 out of 10!

Bartender said...

I think I'm in love!

Al said...

mmm, beer. One of my favourite jet aircraft, after the Meteor. Well painted and decaled too

Paul´s Bods said...

Good many are you going to make!!? I know...I have a cunning plan..I´ll pretend one of yours is mine :-)That way i won´t have to get my a**e in gear and actually produce one:-D No, I some point..I hope...maybe...probably.
Looks good. Did you spray or hand paint?

GEM Team said...

Wow Nice work Rich.
I Like it a lot

Anonymous said...

Hey cool, reminds on an old 1:72 Mig 19 I once had. Great work on the metal color body, isn't easy to get that right.

Anonymous said...

Randall said: Hey I really like how you did this kit. I have been meaning to finally get into the 'jet age ' with my planes but there are still soo many odd ball craft from the 20's and 30's yet to get. I do agree about the painting you mentioned, yours came out just beautiful. oh and btw I had to chuck a B-24 in a bin for same reason you did so I feel your pain!

Tim Gow said...

Just noticed this! Great work. I have one of these still boxed so thanks for the inspiration to build it. Or a least look for it....