Thursday, 30 December 2010


 Hello all,

Well I have had a crap day,firstly I get a bloody parking ticket then my neighbour tells me I have a bloody great chunk of rendering missing from my wall!!!!!
So back to modelling for a cheerier mood, well that and beer (many beers!!!)
I bought these dragons teeth in the new Italeri set and could not wait to use them.I had paint these weefriends paras a while back and had run out of ideas on how to base them.
 So killing two birds with one stone this popped into my mind.Better than the normal wall or desert base's for a change.
I used the PVA glue and sand method and pushed the teeth into that. A quick dry brush and then on to the teeth them selves.I started by painting them Vallejo Iraqi sand, then washed them with burnt umber.Another dry brushing with medium sea grey followed by a lighter dry brush of silver grey.Then a good going over with MiG pigment concrete.
Static grass was added with a thin covering of liquid glue.I messed up by not cleaning of the extra grass before the pictures and have only just noticed it!
I really like the these weefriends figures,one of the few metal figures that are well proportioned for dios.This is a very good pose and for a change I used a layered paint style.I don't think it turned out that bad so I do not know why I don't use it more?
The uniform is straight out of an Osprey how to model Fallschirmjagers.So if any thing is wrong blame them!
I have a million and one ideas for these tank traps,which is just as well because I have been running out of ideas lately for basing.Walls and rocks do get a bit boring even for me.
I have another dio in WIP some with any luck I should have another post tomorrow using some more anti tank obstacles


Cheers for looking,   Rich.


MiniatureZone said...
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MiniatureZone said...

You got the colours on the cammo spot-on.

Nice stuff.

Happy New Year.


mork6969 said...

Excellent work! Nice Paintjob on the figures and a great liitle Dio:-) Best wishes for the next year
Greetings Mork

Al said...

Nice bit bit of work

Paul said...

Awesome once again. Have a beer to celebrate mate.

Well done.

Paul´s Bods said...

You´re getting better all the time mate.:-)

Thanos said...

Modelling (and beer of course), is what keeps us mentally stable Rich.

I know exactly what you mean!!

Great work with these newbies!!!

Happy New Year, for you, your family and friends!!!!


Bartender said...

Great feng shui with the dragon's teeth and grass. Models are always impeccable!

Happy New!