Tuesday, 28 December 2010


 Hello all,

Due to Christmas and family commitments, I have had bugger all time to paint anything.So I will show you a long term project that is getting closer to the top of the "to do list".
I saw a picture of a model Seehund on a timber frame being worked on and wanted to expand on that idea.

 The ICM Seehund kit is a dream kit apart from the torpedo props which is covered in flash.
I built the kit in well under an hour.You get two options to build the early and late version in the same box.They sell the two different version separately but are the same spruces inside both boxes.The only difference is the rudders and side tanks,so don't worry if  you can't get either box two of the same will kit will do both versions.
I have two seeehunds but cocked up the spotted cammo scheme on the second early version and I am going to have to strip it back some how.
The Airfix NATO pilot is there just for scale!!!!!
These are photos of before weathering and after just to give an idea of what I did with it,I am sure that people could do a hell of a lot better.
The big project is going to involve a dockside scene with the sub out of the water being repaired and a few Revell German sailors parading in front of it.I am trying to get all the bits I need to do this in one hit.I have the figures the base frame, the sub, the cobbles,some crates but the main issue I have is the join on the corner of the cobbles and dock wall.The mooring pillars or big poles were they tie it up with (You can tell I was in the army and not the navy!) is proving difficult to find or make.I was think of using a Willis rail way crane on the side though it wouldn't be able to lift it and I would get bored of people saying "that couldn't lift it".
Any way that's about it for now I will keep this updated and I am determined to finish this one so watch this space!


Cheers for looking,  Rich.


Paul said...

Blooming nice work! A nasty looking piece of hardware as well.


Al said...

Cool, original topic

GEM Team said...

it look pretty good.

Paul´s Bods said...

There she blows...I liked this the first time I saw her(?) and now there will be two.
Are subs female??
Anyway...the rust effects look different now on the first one...better.

Bartender said...

Great submarine and nicely put together!