Sunday, 19 December 2010


 Hello all,

This is last nights effort.I got my Christmas bonus on Friday, and could not spend it because my son and heir was ill.Then sods law it bloody well snowed.
Being a die hard modeller and being made of sterner stuff, I wrapped up well and yomped off down to town with my bonus burning a hole in my pocket!

 After spending a shed load on kits and figures, I had to lump the lot back on foot.With a loaded Bergen I made my back home.
Well this is one of the kits I bought, the Italeri fast build m13/40.This is what you get for your money, two kits worth of well fitting parts that are nicely detailed.
Fast build kits have there limitations,they are not going to win you any prizes, and are designed for war gamers, younger modellers and bone idle gits like me who take for ever to build things.
 It went together very well, if fact to well.I started this kit by accident, I went up stairs to add them to the stash and thought I would have a look at them.Then I thought "well I will just put this bit together and then this one" next thing the bloody thing is build in about 5 minutes!I tell a lie I left the tracks off for painting,no glue was used at all.

I used Vallejo dark sand 847 and Russian uniform green for the cammo.It did take for ever to do the stripes but a few beers help keep things on track.The tracks and MG were painted using Vallejo oily steel and given a good dose of Vallejo black wash.
 I added the decals last night.Yes you did read correctly, A fast build kit coming with decals,A LAST!!!!!Okay this is not the first,but Italeri are to be commended for addressing this problem.The give you a load of different options for the same company of tanks so for the war gamers again but nice all the same.
The exhausts was painted with MiG pigment standard rust and little specks over the mud guards to show ware and tear.The next one I build I will use Plastic warrior Paul's idea with marmite for weathering.I am very happy with this kit and I have always wanted an Italian tank since I saw the old ESCI kits when I was a smaller child.

Cheers for looking,   Rich.


Anonymous said...

Good work. Did you make the camo pattern up or is it historical?

Love the little landscape, what did you use for the big rocks?

Aren't those small picture frames handy? :)

west1871 said...

Cheers Maurice,The camo is off the box so I will have to trust them.It is an Italian company after all.I will have to thank Gunnar for the photo frame idea.

mork6969 said...

Great little Dio. I always wanted to build some Italian Tanks, but never started one. These pictures remind me that somwhere in my stocks there must be a "sahariana". Very inspiring!

Thanos said...

Great work mate!!!
You keep the modellers' banner up high!!!

Paul´s Bods said...

WOW!!!! Bloody brilliant Paint job mate!! Excellent :-)

Al said...

Nice. Do you game with any of your stuff?

west1871 said...

Cheers again all,

Al, I just paint them up ans stick them on the side in the second bedroom,The wife keeps moanong about it but at least she knows where I am!

Bartender said...

I like the tank veRy much and especially the amazing terrain. Sorry to hear about your son. There are flus and colds going around because of the miserable weather. At least you're not at heathrow! I'm a bit worried about a parcel I wish I hadn't ordered from northern England a week ago. Take care mate and don't let the paints freeze!

Anonymous said...

nice work on this one, I need to get some of these then, the camo pattern is correct for early desert campaign I painted up my 15's this way

Paul said...

In the Xmas rush I missed this post. Nice work, I have been woundring about the fast build set of this kit, the spure pic is welcome.

Cheers Mate.

Francesco said...

I was really waiting for some more close-up pics of that fast-build M13/40 :-). I am going to buy it for sure as I love italian WW2 stuff. It seems that, with some more detailing (for example, some bolts and ladder on the sides) it can surpass the old Esci 1/72 kit. Great work BTW on it, mate :-D that camo scheme is rather odd, but certainly not impossible ...