Saturday, 4 December 2010


 Hello all,

This is some of the Caesar WWII British commandos,
I believe to have some of the best figure poses in 1/72nd scale.I love this set and I am not ashamed to say it!The poses are lively, well sculpted and interact with one another.

This figure is one of the best in the set.He looks ready for action,like a coiled spring.He is dressed for the later stages of the war more SAS in Northern France than anything else.
The figures could be used with the Caesar underground partisans, or Caesar partisans Europe, to make some brilliant dios.This figure and the bloke kneeing down with explosives could be used on a railway line with a few partisans looking out.
 This pose is my other favourite.It made me want this set as soon as I saw the previews.I made a beeline to Always models in Taiwan and ordered a set as soon as they came out.
The Dennison smock cammo green is a bit dark on this figure.The other cammo is a lot better after seeing Chris's (Modern Kiwi) paras on Benno's forum, Chris got the colour spot on, I rushed upstairs and tried out the colours on the other blokes.Cheers mate!

When I saw this pose I immediately knew how I was going to display him.The base was going to be for the Falklands,but the figures I ordered to go on it just didn't mix with the Matchbox NATO Para's, so that idea went south for the winter.I didn't plan on using this base for the this, I just thought I need to put them on something to take the pictures and I am chuffed to peices with the results.They look like they are training in the Scotish highland's,which luckily for me looks just like the Falklands.

It looks very dramatic,the single,lonely figure walking through the Highlands,

 This bloke looks like an instructor timing the lads on their way round a march,or an officer briefing his troops.He could also be used as a para at Arnhem.
I know commandos didn't have maroon berets and I will get some crap for it, but I was trying out the colour so don't hang me for it.I have plans for more figures with a few conversions so I will more than likely go for some SAS figures,just need to get a northern European SAS jeep to go with them!
I was going to put this bloke sneaking up on a sentry from Caesar WWII Germans in greatcoats, but some on Benno's forum beat me to it.I will still do it because this bloke is screaming out for it to be done.I should have given him some black face cammo for that night feel about him.Also covers up a crap face job.
All in all I am very proud of this effort,I do not normally like blowing my own trumpet but this time I have to suffer the sin of pride.The pictures have turn out great for a change.We use the laptop at home like a photo frame with the picture of holidays, days out and much to the annoyance of my wife my figure pictures and these turn up a lot.

Cheers for looking,  Rich.


GEM Team said...

brilliant work my friend. I have the same set. Hope that I can do them as well as you did

Paul´s Bods said...

You should be proud of this one mate...looks excellent...the amount of work you´ve put into the whole thing shines out...more :-)

Paul said...

Awesome work, well done, every thing clicks here.

Anonymous said...

Awesome looking landscape

Bartender said...

Amazing landscape! How did you do it?

west1871 said...

Cheers everyone,

To Bartender, Cheers.I used woodland scenic rock molds and silfor grass tufts with a sprinkling of rock debris.
I started with some foam blocks,a layer of plaster,then PVA glue and sand,painted brown.Then an awfull lot of silfor grass tufts.I used about four or five small boxes of different grasses.
Cheers Rich.

Gunnar i Gatan said...

Really brilliant! But they seem so lonesome out there.

Al said...


Bartender said...

I think you've inspired me!