Saturday, 18 December 2010


Hello all,

It has been a while since my last post or reply for which I am sorry (not been feeling to clever, only 1 beer in four days!!!).So to keep my hand in I am posting some more of my old work.
These kits are from the excellent JB models range, now being released under the Airfix banner.I love this range, the only range of British support and AFV's around in plastic.
 The kits are simple and go together very well.The only down side to this range are the decals are crap, I mean they look great but I have had no end of problems getting them to stay on.To be fair they do give you about four different number plates so making a battery is not out of the question.
The gun I have waffled on about in a previous post so I won't bore you to much about that.This time I  did it in the towed position, but pictures I have seen on the net have shown it towed in the firing position as well.
 The 1 toner has a much better set of wheels than the land rover, the only draw back to the rover.They are too small for the 110 and they look odd.Please excuse the tarp roof not fitting but it is not glued yet because I intend to add a driver from CMSC/Kingfisher miniatures.I might add some ammo crates as well.The interior is okay  and could be modelled as an open top with some wire add on's.The wing mirrors are scratch built but you can get detail sets from Kingfisher miniatures if you can get hold of the bloke!!!
The other great thing about these kits are you can paint them up in desert schemes for the first Gulf war and at a push the second.The gun would need a more up to date fire control system but a small box on the gun sight would sort that out.
I have a load of these in desert cammo but are not really up to the standard to be shown (Crap in other words).
I am buying some more of these so watch this space!!!!!

Cheers for looking,  Rich.


Al said...

That's a nice kit. I've looked at getting one several times

Paul´s Bods said...

I was beggining to wonder where you were mate..good to see you back :-)
A very nice little build...airfix as well. A little trick with transers/decals. If they don´t stick...don´t give up...smear a thin film of woodglue on the area you want them and stick on. You have to control them a couple of times as they dry but it works a treat. That or use a bit of acrylic clear matt painted on...when it´s just about dry...slightly tacky then paint another layer over the top..making sure to go a bit over the edges. You can add a bit..a slight trace mind, of the finish colour to the clear paint and "wash" it over the decals. Cheaper than any specialist decal fixer. ;-)

Al said...

Wood glue, PVA? Will give that a try mate, thanks for the tip

Paul said...

Nice and sharp build and paint. The woodglue idea is a gem, and like Al I have looked at this kit for a while now...I really should get it.

west1871 said...

Cheers lads,

Thanks for the tip Paul nice one!These kits are great the ambulance is next,after my next plane month effort.

Sumner Bob said...

Can you show me the colour scheme

west1871 said...

Hello bob,
The two main colours are humbrol 86 light olive and plain old black,not a lot more to it mate.

Cheers Rich