Sunday, 12 December 2010


Hello all,

A busy weekend even though I am feeling like crap still.I thought I should try some thing different this month and Caesars Conquistadors, fitted the bill.I was watching a programme on the National geographic channel about them and with my Aztec warrior, why not.
I have not got a clue about these figures and it shows.Not the best paint job either, I think the undercoat was a bit to thick on these lads, mainly the face.

The armour has not come out to bad, but the choice of colours for the clothes are a bit "iffy".I tried to paint between the ruffles on the legs and arms but it didn't quite turn out that way.
The browns turned into a bit of a big mess and I didn't wash the green so a slap on the wrist for me.

The face is a real let down for me.I thought I had got them sorted but the Vallejo wash I normally use didn't have a chance to pick up the details so sorry about that.
There is still some mold lines on this fellow so once again I am sorry.The gun is still bent so I wouldn't fire that in a hurry.That is a problem with Caesar figures a lot of dent weapons which I don't really know how to straighten.
I am not to happy with these figures and feel I can do better.I really like the idea of the Conquistadors as a subject so I will not abandon this project.


Cheers for looking,   Rich.


Andrew said...

He's looking good. You know, for a short time I had three boxes of Revell's Aztec warriors, but I could never find the conquistadors.

mork6969 said...

I like these figures and you`ve done a great paintjob!

Paul´s Bods said...

Bent weapons, bent arms and legs...I don´t know what ceaser use for plastic. They have some excellent little sculpts but sometimes I have got a box of them and then have to spend hours bending the little buggers straight. (Boiling water mate..use pliers to hold and reshape have to hold on as they cool down otherwise they just remmeber "ooh, I did have curved legs actually!")
They look good...are we going to see a Montezuma dio soon?

Thanos said...

Nice and dark. . .
I like their ''colours''.
They look very realistic!
And please mate, do not feel dissapointed for the facework!
They look terrific!!

Paul said...

Yipes! That is some great work, the figure with the sword in the air seems to be saying "To the Pub!"

Gunnar i Gatan said...

Me like him!

Bartender said...

Great job as usual. It's amazing to think that a couple of conquistadors took on Mexico city and brought down an empire. That said, they did employ local allies. However, they were still extremely resilient fighters.