Sunday, 5 December 2010


Hello all,

My first post for "Plane month", an old build but with better pictures this time, I have already shown this on the Airfix tribute forum,.There is a hell of a lot of better planes on there than mine I can tell you.This was the second plane I built when I got back into the hobby.
 This plane was a bit of a nemesis for me.When I was at school, I had saved up my pocket money and rode a bloody long way to the model shop.I bought the model and raced home (another bloody long way).Upon getting home I feverishly opened the box and discovered it was missing the canopy!!!!
So I jump back on my bike and rush bloody long way back to the shop to discover that it was the only kit and no bloody canopy.At least I got my money back...and a bit fitter.
I have been determined to exercise this demon and I think I have.
Typically the canopy looks crap because I didn't paint the bottom of the glass and it stands out like a polar bear in sunglasses trying to get into a giraffe's only golf club!
The kit went together quickly and did not need any filling,not that I do any of that anyway (and it shows).The decals were printed a little off the mark but could have been solved with a bit of paint.
I brush painted the plane because I do not own an airbrush or know how to use one.Bloody expensive looking things but the effect look great.
I would love to get another one and do the desert plane with some ground crew and stuff.I would recommend this kit to any one hows getting back into the hobby or just starting.The lack of cockpit detailing is the only let down but there is other types produced by Airfix and other manufactures.

Next the Mig 21.


Cheers for looking,  Rich.


Paul said...

Pretty terrific! You have scrubbed this old Airfix up well.

Awesome stuff and a great way to start Plane Month!

Thanos said...

Even though I know nothing about planes, I can't underestimate the value of your work!
Great work mate!

Al said...

That's a nice model, I have an old one too, by Revell though

Tim Gow said...

Great post. The Airfix Bf110 was the first kit I ever painted (in 1976!). Oddly enough there is another in the box of old kits I recently acquired - maybe I'll build it during 'Plane Month'.

Paul´s Bods said...

You´ve already got a plane posted!! one a MIG?

Anonymous said...

Plane month?

Nice work btw

Bartender said...

I think it looks very nice! I hadn't noticed the missing canopy until you mentioned it.