Friday, 10 December 2010


Hello all,

This is another "Plane month" entry.This MiG 21 is from Airfix.A simple kit with a sod of a canopy.
The MiG 21 (Fishbed) was built in 1959 - 1985 and has served with air forces all over the world.
For a better history of this plane follow this link
wikipedia MiG 21 .

The plane went together well apart from the canopy and landing gear.The wheels were a bit spindly and the landing gear flaps did not fit that well and cause no end of stress. 
 I decided to try and jazz up the seat and give it an ejection seat pull handle ,by drilling two holes either side the head rest and bending some tin wire in a loop.A simple paint job of yellow and black gives the impression of some form of handle.
I have no idea if the camo scheme is correct or not.I should have printed one of the net but five or six pints convinced me that I knew best and common sense was for sober people.I think this reflects in the standard of paint job and another lesson learned.I also  cocked up the Aeriel by trying to be a clever sod and try to glue invisible mending thread and a lighter to tighten it.Bloody locktite will be the death of me,really it will.I forgot how flammable it can be.I nearly toasted the whole bloody plane!!!
The decals were the next challenge I drunkenly tried to over come.they all went on well apart from the  left hand "66" which folded and cracked when I tried to rescue it.The red stars are a bit transparent for my liking but you get what you pay for.It was an old kit on the shelf of the local model shop so I hope new kits have better decals.
The runway prints came free of charge from this site,Free runway, so thank you very much for this site.They add a nice touch if trimmed and mounted.I still have an awfully large amount to learn on plane building but Got to start somewhere and keep going.

Cheers for looking,  Rich.


Al said...

Really nice model, especially like the paint work

Paul´s Bods said...

What´s going on!? Have you hired my painting gnomes?? I know it´s plane month but bloody hell mate, you are showing us all up..;-)
Another fine looking build. I have´nt even got the box open on mine yet! :-(

Bartender said...

I love the MIG. Nice and crisp paint job. Osprey has a good book about the MIG vs Mirage.

Paul said...

Great work, the MIG 21 is a favourite of mine. The colours look almost South African 1980's-90's.

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Very clean painting.

Btw, who decides that it is "plane month"? Are where cane we learn what month it is?