Sunday, 27 March 2011


 Hello all,

What with work being "Warp factor 10 Mr Sulu", I have had to make the choice between blogging and having something to put on the blog!
So I went for a bit of painting (and beer) to de-stress from it all.
Looking at my blog I thought it was all a bit green and brown so I thought I would have a change, they say it's as good as a holiday!
 Being a proud member of Benno's forum, I get to see Alex's work (the sculptor of these figures) on the forum , so we get to see a lot of his amazing work.
Without doubt he is the best sculptor of 1/72 figures there is.I dare anyone to find one better!
This is from one of his medieval civilians sets.And that's right I went for the "working girl" first.
As you can see she is rather a "gifted" girl.

I thought She should have nice shinny hair so a quick coat of satin varnish came to the rescue.I also used Vallejo game colour opaque red with a wash of Vallejo red wash, not that it stands out that much.The face is not to shabby but then again having  a bloody good figure in the first place helps no end.
Next up is the inquisitor what ever the hell that means.He reminds me of the "Baby eating bishop of Bath and Wells" from Black adder the second.I should have painted him black as well.

I was quite happy with the wash on this figure, in places it's a bit heavy but this is a work in progress so a quick touch up is not out of the question.
 This is the best shot of this figure showing off the wash.
I have to thank Paul (off of Paul's bods) for telling me about Jewellers hacksaw's.I have had knackered three blokes feet and snapped two clean off trying to remove the metal base's.On Friday I bought on and spent the afternoon sawing away!
This will also help with a few other set's of modern figures that I have bought.
Not sure what this figure is in the set, but he looks like he is not up to any good!This could be an episode from Black adder.
A very simple paint job only using about five colours.
 I am chuffed with the shading on this bloke, I used paint to highlight this chap.Normally I use Tamiya weathering powder for highlighting but thought I should give it a try.
A very watered down Vallejo medium sea grey was used on Vallejo black grey, with a black wash.
There are about 17 figures in this pack and I have some more already painted and just waiting for a base to be made for them.It will be a large one, with a few bits I traded with Maurice(Cheers mate!).
Very happy with this lot but don't worry I  have a load of brand spanky new moderns that I can't wait to paint!

Cheers For looking,    Rich.


Paul´s Bods said...

:-D OH OH!!! Alex´s medievals....before you know it you´ll have hundreds of them and want ever more.
Bloody good painting...I´ll have to get my arse in gear and paint up a few more before i fall totally into...the dark side :-D

Yarik said...

Very nice works my friend!

GEM Team said...

love them

mork6969 said...

Simply beautiful!

Paul said...

Great work and good colours, I know what you mean about the actual work and blogging about it.

Keep up the good fight!

Thanos said...

Good work there Rich!!!