Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Hello all,

I have STILL been mental at work, so once again I am very sorry for not replying or posting on other peoples blogs.Not that I am complaining, I would rather have work than not.
Anyway, back to 1970's Africa.The Selous scouts were formed in 1973 as a special forces unit to combat insurgents from the ZANLA/ZANU  groups.
When I found out that Under fire miniatures were selling the Martello figures I was over the moon.Then I found that they had expanded them I was chuffed to buggery.So I bought the lot!
This has been a bit frustrating doing research on this topic because I managed to just avoid a nasty virus on the Internet while looking at pictures of uniforms.I had to shout up to the wife quick the computer is dying, before terminating the Internet connection.Then taking the battery out of the laptop, the wife then started to ask questions!"What were you looking at exactly?", "UNIFORMS!!!", "no dear not those kind of uniforms" I plead.I still don't think she believes me now.

I cocked up with the shirt, it should have been camouflage pattern but you live and learn.The hat was the first attempt at painting this type of camo, I don't think it's too bad .When I paint the smocks and trousers of the others I will get a better idea of how it went.

Here is a group photo of the set, and a bloody great set they are too!They do a couple of RLI sets as well.I will be picking up a Heller Alouette on Friday, I will have to bodge something together because it's the police version.
I am happy with this bloke and once my other commitments have finished I will be straight back on them.


Cheers for looking,   Rich.


Paul´s Bods said...

!!! He´s out wearing only his shreddies :-D
He looks good. The cammo hat is great.

Paul said...

Back in the day shorty short shorts were all the rage.

I miss my stubbies.

He looks great. Well done

mork6969 said...

I like it. Nice work. I´m eagerly awaiting the rest.

Thanos said...

No hair on his legs.....:-)
Great work there Rich!!!

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Skin tone looks right on...nice paint work

Al said...

Superb, just post when you can mate, It'll do me

west1871 said...

Cheers all,

Those short are rather "Daisy duke".I glad I have the energy finally to post any thing, but like Al say's when I can!

Cheers Rich.

Andrea said...

The camo is very good Rich!!! Hope to see soon more pics!!!!

Cahal said...

I think they are really good. So good it almost depresses a duffer like me. But then I remember how much I enjoy this hobby and I am happy again. As to the camo t-shirt question , if you look long and hard on the net you might find that that whatever sorce you find will be contradicted by another. My interest is in Angola, pre 75, the Portuguese War of the Ultramar. Osprey says that tanks were never used but on a Portuguese veteran's blog there is an account of M5 light tanks being used as convoy assets. There may be a 'classic' look for the Selous but I doubt if it was army regulation.