Sunday, 20 February 2011

My weekend,good & bad!!!!!!

Hello all,

This is my weekend,good AND bad!
This weekend I went to the Fleet air arm museum model show which is one of the largest in the south west of England.Its HUGE!!!And the best thing is it is around my birthday.
So the car is loaded up with the wife,west1871 junior and the in-laws and 1hour and 20 minute trip west and I was in heaven!
As you can see I made out like a bandit,Paul I now have my fancy pants T-55.My in-laws rather generously got me the Revell Lancaster and the Zvezda 20mm Flak for my birthday pressy.I now have a paint mask for my Italeri CH-47 and now I have to buy a new Airfix sea Harrier because I picked up the wrong mask model(no real hardship,you can never have enough Harriers I say).
The main reason I wanted to go to this show was to visit one stand in particular,one by the name of "Just bases".They do a deal on off cuts 10 base for £1.Yes that's right 1 base for 10p F&#KING brilliant!So I got sixty for £6.I would have got more but I cleared them out of the best ones and there was a load of other stuff to buy.

This was a mistaken purchase and done in a rush.I thought it was a filter not a wash but I will see how it works and you never know it might do the same job.
I also managed to get my hands on one of the last pieces that I needed for a dio I have been planning so watch this space!
This stuff is amazing, I really mean it.If you build planes or tanks with panel lines this is the best thing since canned beer served by a naked Kylie Minogue.I would never have bought this stuff if I had not seen AND had the chance to try it out.You just brush a load on,even over decals.Let it dry a bit, then with a damp tissue(still thinking of Kylie) wipe over the model a be amazed.The wash sits in the panel lines giving an effect like a pro!

The next thing I am into is airbrushing.The wife got me a Revell blunderbuss starter kit for my birthday.I tried it out on an old armour fast T-34/85 and the finish was cracking.So I am now saving up for a compressor powered job that does camo.
This should have been the start to the perfect weekend I hear you electronically say,BUT NO!!!!I decided to re  pay MrsWest1871 by finishing the last few bits of DIY in the newly decorated hallway.You know the one that has kept me from blogging,painting and enjoying beer to the fullest for 3 weeks now.
One of the jobs was to screw down the loose floor boards that have been squeaking,a simple job now the carpet is up waiting for the new one to go down.Feeling plush with manly success from painting the hall on Friday, I thought nothing of manning up with a power drill and flexing a few muscles.About eight screws in we reach one little bugger that was putting a bit of a fight.No this floor board was no match for a man with an ego.A nail and a bloody big hammer was called for.Just has I am twatting the arse out of this nail,the wife Say's are you sure about this,and with one Almighty strike the sound of hissing follows.I managed to go clean through a copper water pipe,right above my newly decorated hall!!!!!!!
A flurry of swear words and running down stairs to the mains ensued.Its amazing how many swear words you remember when something goes tits up.My only hope was my mate "Big Darren".6ft5inches of DIY knowledge wrapped up in a David Schwimmer look alike.In an out like the SAS the pipe was fixed,replaced  the floor boards now not daring to squeak and the light switches changed for good measure,"Big Darren" is owed a F#$K OFF BIG BEER!!!!
Well that's my weekend, GOOD & BAD.I am now getting slowly pissed in front of the telly staying well away from any tools of any kind for 24HRS.

Cheers Rich.

PS Sorry for the rant.


Paul´s Bods said...

That´ll teach you to use screws..I can imagine the scene..."go on dear, just that last bit" and there´s you wanting to get stuck into the new goodies.."ah f**K it" he says "I´ll use a nail" and wollop! ssssss..."what the!!?..who put a pipe there!!?"

fbminis said...

I don't know but there's something about women, they have this kind of 6th sense nobody can explain. It must be something they keep quiet about between them, something they all know and that turns us into mere funny little house pets, completely vulnerable - although each one of us has their own plan to conquer the world or at least a small country in their lifetime. I mean, you know that when a woman says "are you sure about that?" things will inevitably go wrong! WHY do they let us go on and mess everything up, just to end with a "I told you so"?

And I'm sure it's not just "common sense"! I mean, that nail had to be hammered, it was the right thing to do!

Paul said...

Rich, I thought you were a man of few words, how wrong I was!

First up congrads on the kick arse weekend haul. Everything looks very useful and desirable.

The T55 and Fenneck tok my fancy right from the start.Let me know when to start the build.

As to the DIY, what can I say, dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. I prefer nails right from the start, but the Manor has plenty of mistakes hidden in it's depths.

Nice post. Especially the Kylie references...Mmmm Kylie...

Thanos said...

Great buys, filled with water from the pipe!
Give yourself some time Rich.
Shit happens! :-)
Good luck with the goodies you bought!
Zvezda's 20mm seems to be a very nice model.

mork6969 said...

Oh, what a bad end of an beautiful day, Rich. You got my compassion!

Bartender said...

Can't wait to see the models eventually assembled and painted! The vehicle under the Lancastercaught my eye!

Gunnar i Gatan said...

"canned beer served by a naked Kylie Minogue"??? When and where???