Saturday, 9 June 2012

Revell Russian WWII Lavochkin La-5FN 1/72.

Hello all,

Planes are not my strong point, but they are something I intend to crack! The canopy's seem to be my Achilles heel. I  have tried masking tape, masking fluid and even by hand and I never seem to get it right.
This is a nice little plane to build with no real problems a part from my own making. The wheel struts are the wrong way round and the bloody canopy leaked where I didn't glue the f#$ker together!!!!!!
I wish I had airbrushed this one but I am looking to move house and have to TRY to keep the model room looking half descent.
The masking is getting better, I masked the metal panel and ally rings around the engine housing, I didn't need to do the because I didn't know you got bloody decals for it but it did turn out alright in the end.

The camo scheme is not quite right but I can live with it.

The decals went on a dream but that could have something to do with me now varnishing between steps.

I even bothered to use filler on the wings and sand them too. It is worth doing the extra bit to get that look, I am still a hell of a long way off but learning.

The classic front on look, showing the pissed wheels.

Top shot of the bird.

Side on and not a bad job on the aerials either, first time I have tried it. A lot of buggering about bu got there in the end.
 Wish I could have given it a wash to bring out the panels and that but time has been against me, that and the Euro 2012 has started.


Cheers for looking Rich.


Jay said...

This is nice looking aircraft for both display and gaming. Back in the early '80s I learned to apply Future Floor Finish to my brushed painted models. This step seems to "pull together and hide" the inconsistencies of brush painting; and, when flatted, the model's paint looks much better that the original job. I still use Future and 'am still pleased with the final results. Again...fine modeling, Sir!

Nick Grant said...

Nice work Rich. Avery cool we model you've got there. I especially like the exhaust plate. Well done mate!

Gowan James Ditchburn said...

very well painted

Paul said...

Great work Rich, it looks blooming good.

You are really getting the hang of aircraft now mate.

Giano said...

Yupp, I've just finished the same Revell La-5FN, and I've chosen the same exact version! coincidences?

west1871 said...

Giano, great minds think alike!!!!

Cheers for thee comments lads!

peter said...

Don't be to hard for yourself Rich. It looks excellent to me!