Saturday, 22 January 2011


 Hello all,

Again being a bone idle git, I am posting some of my older work.The reason for this is I am having to do some 1/1 scale painting so you might have to suffer some more of the "Vintage" stuff.So if you have seen it before I am sorry, if not I hope you enjoy it.
This was sent to me in a deal with my mate Peter (off of Benno's forum) and I am very great full to him for it.
He is from the Airfix jungle outpost set(the figure, not Peter),but the horse does look a lot like one from there German mountain troop set.I really hope one day they bring that one back, one of the best sets they did.

I did a bit modifying on the harness with some green stuff and filled it out with some spare shovels and pickaxes that I got with the set that I had to go out and buy (Cheers again Peter) because I liked the look of it.
I am still yet to get around to building the hut that comes with it, it does look quite useful.
 The base is from Games workshop, I got it in a set of about twenty different sizes or so.I have pimped it up a bit with some Silfor grass here and there and trimmed it down a bit.It was beginning to look a bit like my own garden that or one of the members of "ZZ TOP".
I used the tried and test sand and PVA glue with a few larger rocks thrown in.The larger rock and "log" is from the great Dorset countryside when the family West1871 was on a walk.I always keep an eye out for free basing material from nature.From small stones, twigs and stones.I always have a little zip lock bag in my Bergen.This might not be the cleverest idea in case the police pull me over and search me. 

I am quite chuffed with the out come and colour of the uniform.This dio was my third attempt at getting the uniform right.My first go was using Vallejos Japanese uniform paint, it does not do what it says's on the tin!!!!The next one was too light (sounds like the Goldie locks and the three bloody bears).But this one is just right.
I will post the others soon so you can see what I am waffling on about.


Cheers for looking,   Rich.


Anonymous said...

Nice work man, the mule looks great, and the landscape too.

Bartender said...

Your terrain is the cake and model is the cherry!

Al said...

Smooth mate, lovely work

jmchasco said...

Yeah.. you did it again...
great base... stunning !

Paul said...

Awesome work Rich, this looks bloody good.

Whats wrong with the Japanese uniform paint from V ?

(Worried look on my face as I have just brought it)

Ubique said...

Impressive looking model, very nice model.


west1871 said...

Cheers lads,it's not too bad for an oldie!

Paul the V colour is a bit too "yellow" for me mate.I will post a picture tonight of the offending bloke.

Cheers Rich.

peter said...

That's where friends are for :-D

Pleased I could help. And you did a very good job on him Rich!

And as said I don't live in Jungle outpost :-)

PS: have you looked for those figures we talked about some time ago?

catweasel said...

nice work, great composition.

Beccas said...

I really like the uniform. What colour did you end up using?

west1871 said...

Hello Beccas,

Sorry mate,I think it was vallejo khaki for the bottoms and thats all I can remember.

Cheers Rich.