Saturday, 15 January 2011


 Hello all,

This is a an older model that was given the over haul treatment.I thought having it come through dark lighting and dry ice to dramatic music might be a bit over the top so I settled on a previous base that I have used.

 It is a JB models kit that is now being released under the Airfix flag.I am so glad that these kits are still being produced.Very simple kits with a good level of detail on them.
I believe that you can build three variants Mk I/II/III, and decals for all three.
 The stowage did not come with the kit and I think I got them from SGTS Mess.The Ariel's are a little chunky so I swapped them for florist wire but still look a little on the fat side as well but it's better than nothing.
The Bren gun is not the greatest example in the world and better one could be found.
 I have not done the best Bronze green on his Saracen but that is a bit of a "Holy grail".
A good dry brushing was next and then some Tamyia weathering powder.
This time I went a bit mad with the powder to give it a dusty look because of the road.

I would mind getting another Saracen and try opening up the back doors and other hatches.I have heard on the Airfix tribute forum that the wheels are too close to the wheel arches.This can be fixed by adding a strips of plastic card on the suspension.I heard this after I built both my Saladin and Saracen with is bloody typical.I am glad I spent the time reworking this kit and I am happy with it.

Cheers for looking   Rich.


Anonymous said...

Looks good, just like your Saladin. I see you used the same base for both vehicles :) Now all you need is some figures to with it.

Al said...

Agreed, very nice; a couple of RMCs standing nearby would complete it!

Nick Grant said...

Nice work.


mork6969 said...

I like it. Nice Job on this one!

Bartender said...

This ranks by far as my favourite set piece. Brilliant model, stunning scenery (which deserves a step by step post) and spot on realism.

peter said...

Great work, and indeed a couple of figures along with it should even make it better.

Paul said...

Nice job on this.Part of the best of British collection.