Monday, 22 November 2010


Hello all,
This is an entry in a duel on Bennos forum, against Maurice duel,,which I am loosing,but clawing it back.The duel is any two modern figures on a small base.
The figures are from CMSC/Kingfisher miniatures (brilliant figures if you can get them.)
I scratch built the ariel on the pack with a right angle of florist wire and a small section of evergreen plastic hollow rod,rounded of at the end with a file.
I have had these figures for a while now a thought what could I do with them.I had forgotten how great these figures are so when the duel came up these seamed the natural choice.I got bored of being beaten by Paul and decided to loose to some one new,so Maurice's name came to mind.
I had to paint the prone bloke on a bit of spruce on the normal red cap to get underneath of the bloke,and had the same problem with radio operator as I had with my German policeman....the curse of loctite!!!!
Too much and you get a massive pool above the knee which would not shift without wrecking the paint job.I must use loctite with a bit more respect,I should use white PVA for figures and wait for it to dry.
The SA80 or 5.56 rifle as we were told to call it,and day sack came in separate kits from kingfisher and is worth every get gpmpys, LSW'S and rifles in the set.the bergens come in two sizes as well.

The base was made from sand glue and woodland scenic plaster rocks and Mig pigments.I have taken photos of how I make these and will post how I make them so people know what I am going on about.The background picture was taken from the Internet and just propped up behind them.I got down to eye level and started snapping away.I had to retake some pictures because they just didn't look right,I have found it is worth doing this because a good paint job can be ruined by a bad pictureThis is why the figures are facing different directions.
I am happy with this dio and not sad that I am loosing to Maurice in this duel because his is a bloody great dio so cheers mate!
Cheers for looking Rich.

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Paul´s Bods said...

Both were really good ..your background is excellent.
What do you mean...bored loosing to won last time :-)
On another poor had the SA80!!? ...that´s not a weapon..the that´s a weapon...:-)

Anonymous said...

Nice work Rich, I liked especially the base. Those scenic rocks seem like something to try some day. I take it you have to cast them yourself?

Anyway, it was a nice duel.


Yarik said...

Very good work West!

Al said...

Very accurate, I used to have a job like that:)

Paul said...

Amazing work. Magic stuff.

Thanos said...

Top notch work there Rich!

west1871 said...

Cheers all,

Paul I had the first Version which was sh#t,always jamming.The new one is meant to be a dam sight better.Never got my hands on it though.The older blokes kept going on how the SLR would stop an elephant(weighed about the same as well)I thought you were more of a musket kind of a guy.
Al I told you there was some more of the green machine in the pipeline and they aren't finished yet.