Saturday, 6 November 2010


My wife has decided that the second bedroom needs to live up to its name,not a bloody model shop.The words Sh#t hole,pit,mess,and dump has been used A LOT!!!To be fair "she who must be obeyed" does have a point.I think I haven't cleaned it up since my first effort at playing around with Mig pigments,when I finished I smeared the brown mud pigment all over the nice beech computer desk and I have been covering it up ever since.
After reading Gunners blog about having a shed load of projects on the go,I realised that so do I and more than likely everybody else.I must have about nine projects on the go and twenty in my head.If I am ever to start finishing any of these projects I must stop watching films and documentaries and think"OOHHH that would look good in 1/72".
My main problem is space to actually show the master pieces I throw up.So it does limit the size of my dios that I can make.the other problem is the better halfs belief that our son and heir would be better off in a larger room.Well that's fine when he gets a bloody job and pays some rent he can get a bigger room,so I got about a eight more years left(unless they repeal the child labour laws and I can put him up a chimney!).
Another issue is being dragged into foolish "duels" with Paul(off of Paul's blog) just when we finish one we get ourselves into another one.It like that film "The duelist" with Harvey Kietel(without the hate or trying to kill each other)about two Napoleonic french officers who keep dueling each other for about twenty years!Dueling with Paul has given me a kick up the arse to get a project started and finished so cheers mate.Paul normally wins these duels but every now and again I get one or two back.
I have a "stash" of models from before I got into painting again.It took about five years of buying models to finally picking up a brush and working on them.I t stems from buying a set of figures on Ebay for a silly price because it was discontinued,so I thought I better get this and that before they stop producing them a I have to re mortgage the house to get them.I have no problems with buying any era,tank or plane what so ever so that's why the cupboard is over flowing.Any way enough rambling you have seen my mess I work in so I better do as the love of my life says and tidy up!

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Paul´s Bods said...

What a dreadfull orrible little man!!!! The child labour laws in the UK?...why do you think I moved over here...much more liberal in matters like getting the sprogs out sweeping motorways as soon as they can walk.
That sounds a good n´mate....20 years od duelling..they could make a film about us...but only if i get to have a big bushy moustache and say "old bean" all the time:-) will not believe what the word verification code is on this one....phikbob...the pronunciation in german is well funny!!!

Anonymous said...

How can you possibly work in such a mess???

Nah just kidding, you have a nice hobby room, reminds me of my own :)

Where do you keep your finished models?

Anonymous said...

A Paul,

At least you can read these word verification words, unlike at many other sites :)

unsestr this time...

David said...

how lucky are you, having it inside the house!!!
'stalag she who is obeyed' allows no model work in the palace and i am relegated to the rear part of the shed, workspace 1metre by 2meters, concrete floor and walls around me- everytime i go to work i also take a baseball and baseball mitt, ala Steve Mcqueen in the great escape! LOL

any further down the back garden and i would be in the neighbors property!

west1871 said...

cheers all,

Maurice,no bloody space to show anything mate,
David,nice one we will be round with Dickie Attenbrough and the boy's
Paul you sound like my old staff sargent.