Saturday, 13 November 2010


Hello again,
More ramblings from a bone idle modeller.This is a HaT armour fast Cromwell converted to a centaur.I have seen several of these kits made into this type of tank and thought why not join the "IN" crowd.
The kit has two models of about 12 pieces each or so, but no decals.
The decal problem was solved by looking at the Brit modeller Royal Marines Centaur Tank,,(a bloody good model and review)at a model  of a centaur tank that had bison decals.Normally decals get right up my nose,but once I had removed a rivet or two the decals went on smoother than a cashmere cod piece!I love micro solve and bison decals.
 The Centaur IV tank was a Cromwell tank with a 95mm howitzer used by the the Royal marines(for Al) on D-Day.The tanks were meant to stay on the landing craft and provide fire support for the landings because they had the engines removed.Then somebody had the clever idea of putting the engine back in and the centaur could travel about 10 miles inland to give further support to the infantry.The tanks were driven by army drivers but the guns manned by Royal marine gunners.The compass marking on the side of the turret was meant to aid the gunners,but if anyone knows how it helped please let me know?

The gun was scratch built with evergreen pipes glued together.My first effort was far too long so I  thought I could just snap it off.Normally my gluing could be removed by waving at it,but using loctite on this one because of the quick drying time,I could have gone rock climbing off it!I had to resort to my drimmel type rotary hobby cutter,which is lethal.Took it off in a second,leaving melted plastic smouldering away.Glad I did it because it would have look "odd" otherwise.
The base was the most lazy thing about the whole project,just sand poured on a frame with a picture for a background,sorry running out of space and money.I will build a descent base for this including beach defensive and crew at some point.


Paul´s Bods said...

Why the starnge compass´s to do with opreation compass, seriously.
It was for fire support. They could be directed by boat crews with binoculars. The big 'degree markings' would aid in directing fire by communicating with the tank crew who had a similar set of corresponding markings inside the turret.
This would work while the vehicles were offshore and firing from landing craft on an invasion beach. The spotters could direct fire from the LC´s and also on the beach.
(not just a pretty face eh?)
Nice looking tank :-)

Anonymous said...

How are the details on these simplified models? I've often looked at them but never gotten any of them because I have my doubts about accuracy. Not just with the armourfast kits but with all these quick build tanks.

Al said...

Cool, real tidy pait work, nice model

west1871 said...

Cheers lads,

A Brucy bonus goes to Paul for that anwser,dont now if its right but I sounds bloody good to me mate.

Maurice mate they are good enough for me,but not the most detailed models in the world,not bad though.A lot of scope for improvements.Throw enough stowage and stuff on and they are halfway there.

Paul´s Bods said...

It is right mate and if you want I can send you the link ;-)