Sunday, 28 November 2010


Hello all,

This Academy Curtis P-40/B kit went together really well,its not the most detailed kit in the world,but then again I am not the greatest plane builder either.
I know nothing of aircraft so I couldn't possibly comment on it accuracy or faults.For a change I tried a world war 2 plane,just to see if my attempts are getting better.My last bash at a WW2 plane has ended in disaster, a rather cute little Airfix Brewster Buffalo and will now end up crashed on a pacific island.
I started this build with Blackadders immortal words to Baldrick ringing in my ears "RIGHT BALDER'S ,JUST REMEMBER WE'RE NOT AT HOME TO MISTER COCK UP!".I was determined to get this one right!
The kit was built over night and I was really chuffed with how it turned out,the cockpit dash dry brushed well,my attempts at straps were not that great.I did sand the plane this time and it looks like it was worth the effort.
I was not happy with the camo scheme on the box so I thought I would look around on the net for inspiration and come up with this.All this happened after I spent half hour painting the canopy a sand colour.I really hate canopies and need to invest in some paint mask's.
The first layers of paint went on nicely even the canopy looked fine,so all was well in the world, right up until I decided to be a bit clever and give it a burnt umber wash!!!!That's when every thing went tits up,and Baldrick whispers in my ear "SHALL I MAKE MISTER COCK UP A BED?".
The wash was excuse the pun "a wash out".I did not stay nice and even, and because I took too long a streaked and look blotchy.Its fine from a distance but up close it looks crap.Then my old friend "mister cock up" decided to hang around for the decals, the bane of my modelling life.They creased,they tore, and they are shinier that Telly Savalas's head.Again some clever camera angles and you can't tell but the plan for this plane was for a nice base a few ground crew and a pilot.I am not going to use this plane for a dio with that much work involved for several reasons.The main one is space, I have little space at the moment and have to choose my work carefully.Another reason is cost, the base would be about a £10 or so,and I am just not happy with the plane.
I think I am at the bottom of a learning curve,just like when I started with figures again.I am learning where I am going wrong so that's a start.
If you want to see where I went wrong click on the images for a worse view.(Notice this bit isn't as big as normal).Please feel free to comment.

Cheers for looking, Rich.

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Paul said...

I think you are to hard on yourself mate, it looks perfectly servicable to me.

Decals are the bane of everyone believe me, and that goes for canopy detailing as well.

Post the Buffalo!

Anonymous said...

She looks fine, maybe a bit of shading on her body, but this way of painting reminds me of my teen years when I had dozens of such planes in my bedroom :) got to try that again some day...

Well done!

Paul´s Bods said...

Looks good...maybe a bit of shading/weathering like Maurice has said...It can hide a few "slip ups"
Did you use clear on the canopy??

Nick Grant said...

Personally, I like it. Nice work. (I also enjoyed the commentary - "Shall I made a bed up for Mr Cock Up?" Brilliant!)