Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Hello all,

This was a WWI plane I entered in a duel with Paul(off of Paul's Bods) on Bennos duelling section,Amazingly I won and for once and was victorious over the great Paul(He has beaten me about far).
 I do not really know a lot about WWI aircraft so  I am not going to lie and say I do.What really got my interest in these Revell kits was the price and amount of parts that was in the kit.Being bone idol and watching the "Blue Max and Aces high", I thought I will have a bash at some of them and at £2.99 a kit you can't go wrong!
In the duel the rule were three pictures (flying) with one including pilot.Normally the duels on Benno's are figures so we thought we would go for something different.So a duel in the skies came to mind.
I do like the eyes on this pilot,took my a while to get them right.
 This kit comes with two types of decal,one for a home defence squadron and the one I went for a plane in Palestine.The home plane has only two blades on the prop and the dessert version has four blades.
 The rigging is florist wire but Paul is going to show me a way of using "invisible mending thread" and no this is not one of Paul's wind ups either.It looks a lot better than my iron girders but a lot more work so a sacrificial plane might be needed.
 This is my sixth bi-plane and if I can get the rigging sorted I doubt that it will be my last.Small cheap kits that come with two or three decal choices is to tempting.
 I had to wait about four days for a break in the weather to take the pictures(at work).I made a mate a work hold the Tail end just by the wheel with a pair of long nose pliers on top of a bin outside in the car park.We must have looked a right pair of w#£kers!
At the end of the day I am chuffed with this kit a few bits here and there I could have done better,but The pictures turned out better than I hoped for.
I would like to say to Paul Cheers mate for a great duel and worthy adversary....look forward to the next one!


Paul´s Bods said...

The idea with the pliers...why didn´t I think of that? I couldn´t keep hold of the bugger with my fingers.
A grand duel that one, congratulations choice of weapons next time ;-)Ey? have you thought that some people looking in here will be thinking "Duel!?, what the hell are they on about?" :-)
Invisible rigging coming to a screeen soon....
PS; I love the first photo!!

Gunnar i Gatan said...

Those pics looks really awesome. Missed voting 'cause I couldn't decide which one I should vote on. Sorry. And if they wonder what duels, they can enter Benno's. :-D

Al said...

Way cool, there are some great aircraft models for WW1