Saturday, 20 November 2010


Hello all,

Don't worry I haven't gone over to the dark side yet.This 1/35th
figure is from ACADEMY, a set of six figures ranging from Cochin China 1948 through to Chad in the 1980's.
I have only done one figure from this set just to see how hard it would be to scale up my painting and see if I could pick up some pointers for the normal stuff(1/72,1/76.20mm).And to be honest it was harder than I thought.I don't know if its practise that  makes it easier doing smaller stuff than larger but I found it a lot more difficult doing the details strangely.
Well you know what they say practice makes perfect,so I think I will have a go at the bloke from Chad,would like to try an African base.
 The shading and eyes were the main reason I tried 1/35.I thought if I can perfect it on a large scale I could down size.Well I might hear you say "But that blokes wearing shades!" and you would be right,like a plonker when I cut him off the spruce and put him together then I realised he was wearing bloody shades.....BLOODY POSER!!!!
Say what you what about the French,but they do have style!Even if his trousers make him look like MC Hammer.When the war was over I wonder if he went into panto.Of course I would never say this to his face due to the fact he was a Legionnaire and hard as nails.

These pictures are to show two things.The first is  the difference the flash makes when taking a picture(please let me know which is best please because I think the one without the flash is better).And the second is for the keener observerers of this blog,they will notice that there is table,a table clear of crap and models(well mostly).
This set had been tempting me for a couple of years now in a shop that I don't normally visit.So one day I decided to act put my hand in my pocket and parted with £3.99.Not bad for six figures really and they are something different.
Cheers Rich.


Paul´s Bods said...

How big is that bod!!?? Traitor!!!!
Burn him at the stake...he´s got a carrot for a nose!! :-)
Looks good mate...(even if is is a bit big)
I´m planning on a couple of big n´s, need to check my pocket money...sorry, Wages first

Paul said...

Mmmm Hammer time aside, this bloke looks spot on. Damned froggie!

GEM Team said...

nice figure...Traitor!!!!:):)
Sometimes I also ramble into 1/35 and 54mm, so you are forgiven.:)
I like it a lot. Cheers

Al said...

Cool, something different

west1871 said...

Sorry I feel dirty and unclean now I have been caught with another scale.Normal service will resume shortly.

Cheers for the comments lads.