Sunday, 28 November 2010


Hello all,

I have had a busy weekend this week.The weather has been absolutely brass monkeys,so staying in in front of the box or painting was called for.
Not wanting to miss out on "Gun month", I decided to try something a bit different.I am quite happy to buy any kit from any era......apart from Redbox.Now get around to paint them is another matter.A lack of knowledge always show in painting figures and a bit of research never goes a miss.Still does stop me from looking at the back of the box and copying that!!!.

This kit is from Zvezda medieval field powder artillery, there is three guns, crew and a horse team.A couple of boxes, buckets, and powder bags are a welcome addition.

 They fit together well without glue, and the instructions are clear and use full.I paint the gun on the spruce which was a mistake.Using acrylics meant that the paint came off when I put some force on the parts.So I had to re touch it up away, live and learn, live and learn.
I had to use some PVA glue to mask the joins,I am learning to make that little bit more of an effort to get a better result.Always worth taking a bit of time to do something.
I gave the carriage a good wash with Vallejo burnt umber, and the barrel a wash of black.I went a bit to mad with the black but it could look like smoke.
The crew was copied straight from the box so blame them if its wrong.I am getting used to using washes on figures now, and have invested in several different colours.I tried Games workshop washes and found them a bit thick even with thinning.The Vallejo washes are great and I now have most of them, money well spent.I did like the bloke about to fire the gun I managed to put a little bit of orange on the tip of the wick to look like an ember.

The base is a name plate from Hobby craft, and only cost £1.29.I used Vallejo dark mud effect, simply smeared over the base pushed in the figures, gun, and box.Marked out the wheel ruts and left to dry for about five hours.I got a figure with a foot sticking out and pushed it in the mud to make foot prints but I only did one foot so they must have hopped around the gun.A bit of Mig pigment lightly dusted and there you go.
So for a venture into the unknown world of medieval guns I am quite chuffed with it.I am really enjoying painting at the moment so I am making the most of it.


Cheers for looking,  Rich.


Paul´s Bods said...

AHA!!!! A medieval set...before you know it you´ll be painting the rest of the zvezda medieval range and then the Hussites and then....:-)
Looks bloody good..I like the wood effect.

Paul said...

Mate, Great work,you are a machine! Good to see a Gun Month post!

GEM Team said...

lovw thw faded clothes...

Thanos said...

Great dio my friend!
Magnificent work!
And as our Italian friends say: Strepitoso!!!!!!
Well done!

Al said...

Big Bang!