Saturday, 21 May 2011


 Hello all,

This was inspired by Al's rather tidy job of his Somua.I wish mine turned out half as good as his I would have been well chuffed.

It started off by being lucky enough to find one of these kits in my local shop and in the sale as well!The kit is rather basic and only 40 or so parts.
The tracks , which are normally the bane of my life decided to behave them self and worked very well.I manged to weld them together and keep them joined for a change.
 Then came the painting of this beast.I started off with a base coat of Vallejo sand with a Russian green blotches.
It started to look quite good at this point.........
 Then I thought I would be a clever sod and do black lining around the green blotches.I decided to try a black pen with a really fine point, so off to the local shop and spent £3.99 on a set of 4 pens.
I then spent a bloody long time drawing round each green blotch very carefully indeed.
 I now decided to give it a wash of brown all over the tank and that's when it all went tits up.
I had not left enough time for the ink to dry and I washed the bloody lot off.
Well that's not strictly true it left a nasty black colour all over the tank.
I should have repainted the tank but I thought I could weather my way out of this one, how wrong I was!

I weathered an weathered this tank till it looked like it had been dug up.I am not sure it has worked, so I have dressed it up a half descent base and a figure to distract from the shoddy paint job.It is a nice little kit to build and is one of my favourite era's which is the early part of world war two.If I can lay  my hands on another one I will snap it up.This is on the Nemesis list of kits, a bit like my Gazelle helicopter that I have cocked up for the SECOND time!

Cheers for looking Rich.


Al said...

It is still a very nice job Rich. I think you got the blotches 'spot-on':) I too used Vallejo Russian green, but went for the slightly darker canvas as the base. Still, a good model and nice to have in the collection

Paul said...

Yep Rich I am with Al on this one, it does not look too bad. The setting looks great.

Good work...Did you say Gazelle!

Anonymous said...

Same base different tank :)