Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Hello again!!!This is a TQD casting figure,which are brilliant,I cant say anything bad about them.I swore I would never buy metal figures because they are too bulky, disproportionate,and unrealistic.But these are fantastic figures.I own several sets and have plans for all of them.I entered this figure in a competition on Benno,sforum and surprisingly won!!!I t must have been a sympathy vote or something because everyone else's work was a damm site better than mine.I found that painting figures white with black straps is a nightmare,no HELLLLL!!!!!!!It was the first time I had used magnification glasses that my dear lovely wonderfully beautiful wife(shes reading this as I post it)had bought me for Christmas.It had shown up every mistake and imperfection possible.On and off it took me about six hours to paint this bloody figure,but suffering the sin of pride I am chuffed to pieces with this figure(still think the others were better though).
The base was a simple affair,glue sand,log (from walking)some grass and fake snow.The tree is from woodland scenic with a quick dry brush of vallejo grey green and some glue brushed in the crooks of the tree and fake snow sprinkled over it.Same with the base,I used glue,sand,small clumps of grass(home made not silflor for a change) let it dry,painted,dry and then more glue sprinkled with snow.After taking many,many pictures someone pointed out that it would look a hell of a lot better with a back ground.Many hours of scouring the net I found a picture printed it off and tried again.my biggest fear was not taking as good as good picture as before.I had a pretty crap camera at the time but now have a better one(Thanks to the wife).Taking pictures of models and figures is an art,it came make the difference between making a good dioramas,figures models look rubbish.Many good dios have been ruined by bad lighting,being out of focus,wrong angle the list goes on.If some knows how to take good pictures please post it on forums let the world know and drop me a email,PLEASE!!!

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