Friday, 29 October 2010


Hello all,
This is a figure from ESCI WW2 imperal Japanes guards set.I got him as a bonus in a trade with the great Peter on bennos(cheers mate).It is like getting an audience with the pope trying to get hold of this set,so I was very lucky.
The flag was printed off the internet from the Warflag site that Paul (off of Paul's bods)put me in touch with.Not the greatest quality but that could be my printer,and to be honest they were free so I cant complain.Printed a large sheet of flags off and cut one out.Using pritstick and a small piece of tin foil to give it shape I picked some holes in to give it that battle worn look.After wrapping around the pole and shaping it Hey presto one iffy looking flag bearer of the emperor.

The base was made from PVA glue,sand,small rocks and cocktail sticks.Silfor tufts and barbed wire from a shop that I cant remember were next and then a good dry brushing of the whole base was needed.I tried to rust the barbed wire using several ways but ended up using airfix rust paint(this was before I discovered Mig pigments).A quick scour of the net for a back ground and that was it.
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Paul´s Bods said...

Glad I was able to help mate. I remember there was a bit of discussion about the flag being accurate or not, ie wether they would have actually carried this one or not. I have since found out that japanese "marine" infantry would have carried it so it´s ok.
Nice little dio :-)

Al said...

That's a great little figure, I'd never seen that one before

west1871 said...

Cheers again lads,
Thanks Paul for that link again very handy.That flag issue rumbled on and on didn't it.

Al those old ESCI hard plasic kits of soldiers are rarer than rocking horse poo,but they are on Plastic soldier review at th bottom of the ESCI kist.