Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Hello all,just a quick one from Waterloo1815 Anglo-Egyptian army set.I got bored of doing modern and for some reason WWI stuff(I do not why I am doing so much WWI).This was a while back I did this figure and turned out better than the normal bobbins I come up so I though I would put him in the blog.
I love the film "Karthoum" with Charlton Heston and buying this set was a natural thing to do.I am terrible at watching a film or documentary and then rushing down to the local model shop or the internet and parting with my pocket money(or wages as my boss calls it).
The infantry and officers need a night in the bag with some mister muscle oven cleaner to take of the thick white paint off them.When I first started back in this hobby I was using humbrol enamels and had never known about vallejo paints.A big thanks to big Dan Ewing for pointing me in this direction,I would never have got this far with out it.
It is a great set except for the lack of British infantry and an over stock of officers.Some cavalry would make a great addition to this series,the HaT sets are okay but they are all camels for some reason.I will endeavour to paint some more of these troops once they are clean.......Promise!


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Paul´s Bods said...

....or wages as my boss calls it...I wet myself when I read that.
I liked him the first time I saw him and I like him now...the figure that is, not your boss :-)

Paul said...

Nice little General, by jingos I have not seen that movie in years, I will have to get it out now!

Al said...