Sunday, 3 October 2010


Hello again!This is a Waterloo 1815 WWII US marine.I got him in a set I swapped with Luchs on Benno's forum.I think this is the best pose in the set,one reason is his shirt is out not many sets depict marines in this state of dress.Not sure why most pictures that I have seen on the net show them this way.One thing that strikes me about this set is how much they look like Caesars sculptor has been doing a bit of moonlighting,not that I am complaining.I t could be the reason that I like Waterloo 1815 sets,now they have steered away from the Atlantic style of sculpting.I knocked up this little scene in a night (you can tell because I missed a mould line on his head,DOOOH).I say one night,I originally posted this pic on Benno's and people pointed out the lack of mud.So unusually I did a bit of re-work(I always "promise" too and never do.)gave it a background and thought that it was worth doing,still didn't remove the mould line mind you.
Getting a good USMC uniform colour is the same has trying to get a good German uniform colour...bloody impossible!!So I oddly enough I used vallejo's German army uniform colour as a base.I messed up with the Thompson colour trying a new way using oily steel first then washing with black,I will not use that idea again in a hurry!The base was the usual,nearly usual way.I used woodland scenic rock debris and ballast on pva glue some small rocks I picked up while out walking,covered in vallejo brown sand paint dry brushed and silfor grass clumps.I only had the 4mm clumps and wanted to use the 6mm that I didn't have.2mm I hear you say is not a lot but in his scale IT IS!!!!I had been watching "The thin red line" not so long back so that is where I got the idea for it.
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ModernKiwi said...

Looks awesome now mate. And that backdrop is excellent too. Very Okinawa.