Saturday, 16 October 2010


Hello everyone,This is one of my first attempts at tank building when I got back into the hobby a year or two ago. This dio has become a bit of a nightmare.I was trying to save this tank (like the whippet)from going on Ebay.I thought a load of mud would hide all my mistakes.The tracks were a bit of a hash and that looks like I might have got away it.The colour is not right (AGAIN,when will I ever learn)far to "green" not brown enough.
I scratch built the unditching beam with evergreen plastic bead and chain from Weefriends.I scribed the beam to get a grain effect,with a black wash, but that has not shown up on the pictures but you will just have to take my word for it.The decals were a bit to shinny for me so some more Mig pigment to the rescue.I used four weathing pigments on the tank,dry mud,brown mud,Iraqi sand and standard rust.
For the base I used a photo frame,Thanks to Susofrick from Benno's for that idea.With polystyrene foam,cut away for the shell hole and a good coat of vallejo mud effect.
I pushed in the tank before it dried to give that sunk it feel,and then the stakes for the barbed wire.
The barbed wire was a pain in the arse to do,well not do but paint.I should have done it before I unravelled it rather than in place.The water in the shell hole was from vallejo water effects still.It needed preparing with a thin coat and applying over several days in layers,it was on layer three that I remembered that I needed to paint he bottom of the hole to give it depth(DOOOOHHHH).Rather than rip it out and start again a mate a work suggested that I try and paint it again a give it another layer.So I mixed some umber and black wash in the next layer and then gave it another layer.Still not happy with it but it is better than what it looked like before.The ripples did not come out how I hope either but you live and learn.
Then came the weathering,first a little,then a lot and them even more!!!I think and do others that it has "dried out" the dio.I thought I would like to see what the dio would like after I had removed the masking tape,that's when disaster struck!!!!!!!!!!The cheap frame I had bought was not real wood and the paper effect was ripped off.After trying every swear word I could think of,I dried my eyes,stopped sniveling,cracked open another beer and decided to do what "the rolling stones" would have done and "paint it black".
All in all this was pain in the arse, but I am glad I did it.I have learn a few thing,tried some new techniques out and saved myself the expense of a new tank.

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Al said...

This is a great blog, and you have some awesome paint work on show; some more Royal Marines would be good:)


Paul´s Bods said...

Even after all your crying and beer drinking I think it looks good mate. You should have saved it up for the group build, the story would have gone down well :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice diorama ! i really like it . Dude
May be i should take my female tank from stash and doing something.