Saturday, 30 October 2010


Hello all,this is make bash at Pegasus's fast build German trucks.Pegasus German army trucks (A bloody good review from "On the way").
You get two trucks in the kit each of fifteen pieces and most of a driver,his feet are for some reason missing.I assume to fit in the cab more easily(because if not he wont reach the peddles).Being a bone idle git this type of model is great,quick and easy to put together.the only draw back tot his kit is no windscreen or decals.I bought some spare airfix Opels off ebay and came a cropper.The bane of my life is decal,especially airfix decals.
It is basic and more for war gaming then anything else but I am not to fussy and can live with it.I will source some DAK insignia(already found them,just have to pay) and finish them off.
The colour I first used to paint them was to brown/grey,more like the tarp on the covered truck.Then reading a piece on Benno's Piers guide to german yellow in the tutorial section on how to paint German yellow,I set about tracking down the right colour.Not as easy as it sounds,I have a lot of vallejo colours in two draws but the codes are on the lower half of the bottle,right out of bloody sight!!!.After twenty minutes searching for the colour "buff" I finally got about giving them a bloody good dry brushing.The weathering with Mig pigments went a bit wrong when the thinner I was using to fix it decided to thin the paint down(like its meant to),so I stopped!
The base is an old one(will be used for Greeks and Persians) the normal PVA glue,sand and some rocks I cast from woodland scenic's molds was used.A lot of weathering Pigment was used mainly Gulf war sand and mud.A few silfor tufts placed here and there and some dry brushing and I was finished.All in all not the best job but a learning curve,so I am happy...ish!!!!

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Paul´s Bods said...

Looking good. Two things, did they come with windscreens and where did all the jerry cans come from..with the kit?

Al said...

I like the fast build kits too, do you use any of your stuff for gaming?

west1871 said...

Cheers lads,

Paul the kit for some reason does not come with windscreens or decals,but I am sure with a knife and some clear plastic that could be sorted out.The jerry cans are from SGTS MESS a resin kit,they do several different loads.

Al,I just use them for dioramas mate.I leave them all over the spare room annoying my other half no end.I have the pegasus russian armoured car's on order,one ear marked for the spanish civil war.

Paul said...

Nice work on these. The jerricans on the deck really improve the basic look of the truck.

Well done!