Sunday, 10 October 2010


Hello all,
This is a Revell 8th army having an "alfresco" breakfast.When I first thought of painting him after seeing him on PSR(amazing site all,hail PSR) I thought he was shaving!Was not till I got him out of the box I saw he was holding a spoon.I know those desert rats were hard,but shaving with a spoon might even be beyond them.I think it wouldn't take much to turn that spoon into a razor,quick go with the scalpel and a bit of white paint on half the face and Roberts your fathers brother!I should have put a sling on the rifle with a bit of masking tape but lots of what ifs get boring.I think this is a great figure in an unusual pose and I take my hat off to Revell for putting in quirky poses.Sometimes you do not want all the wanton destruction and killing that goes with war,just soldiers doing the normal daily chores for a change.It is a shame they are not producing new kits at the moment,but we can live in hope.
The base was a mix of rocks and sand on pva glue,painted and heavily dry brushed,the barrel comes molded to the figure so all that needed was some rusting.

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Captain said...

Wow, nice painjobs on your blog. I was always thinking that this soldier is shaving his beard off.

Anonymous said...

or committing suicide!

west1871 said...

The food might be just that bad.