Saturday, 23 October 2010


Hello all,
After a beery night in a curry house and being far to hung over to pick up a brush I decided to post some of my older work.I think this is one of my better pieces,though I am not happy with base and think one day I might try and improve it.

 I think the DPM turned out okay on this attempt,not to blobby and more splintery(I should have had more naan bread then beer!!!).
The bergans I am more than chuffed with,a quick wash of black on an olive colour finished off with a dusting of tamiya weathering powder and job done.They came with a choice of two which was damm descent of them I thought.(My head is thumping at this point).

 Its a shame the figures do not have the osprey body armour on but they could pass for the 2002 mission,but to be honest other than that they are the best figures I have come across in 1/72.(It was that sambuca I had at the end that has caused this world of pain).
The boulder are from the glorious Dorset coast line, shoved guessed it,PVA glue and sand!!!It rather helpfully shrank when drying to give that dried cracked look.(all I can taste is lamb tikka masala).
 They was more figures in the set but being bone idle I only painted three of them,I think it was more a space issue on the base than anything.
 This is my favourite figure of the lot.That GMPG looks bloody heavy.Who ever sculpted that figure must have carried one.
 Some close ups of the bergans just to prove I liked them.
Anyway enough of my hungover ramblings I am off to die in front of the telly,and I think James bond is taking on the evil "Goldfinger".


Paul´s Bods said...

I like it mate, the basing, the bods and the background all work well together......the curryhouse outing sounds fun. OH!, how I wish for a curryhouse over here, one preferably in a decent staggering distance. A market opportunity perhaps! :-)

Paul said...

Awesome work! They look magic! Best curry I had was in Portsmouth on the Marine Parade in Lee on the Solent, mind you I only made it back to Fort Blockhouse in time to discover the worst curry I have ever had! Ahh Vindaloo where are you now!

GEM Team said...

Love it. The ground work is superb.

Al said...

Crack on.

west1871 said...

Cheers all.Was a bloody great night,but you always pay for it.
Al there is more in the pipeline in the VERY near future!

Anonymous said...

Looking great Rich! Who produces these figs, never seen them before.

west1871 said...

Cheers Maurice,they are from
They used to be known as CMSC but to be honest you have more chance of hiring the A team then getting hold of them.A nightmare to order from.