Sunday, 31 July 2011

Long range desert group patrol at rest 1/72, WIP.

Hello all,

After being ill all week and doing bloody overtime  all week it has just about knackered me out!
So finding any time to paint has been a winner.
I am planning to do a dio with two of the Matchbox/Revell LRDG sets.I have to get my hands on another set but I am sure that that will not be to much of a problem.
You can make two different dio's with the sets, one SAS and the other LRDG.This will be a patrol lying up during the day, resting.
A few extra Matchbox desert rats could bulk out this dio and there is one bloke in that set screaming out to added to the SAS jeeps.
The figures are from Matador models, yes I had never heard of them either.I saw there stand at the annual Poole vikings model show and had nose through there stuff and walk away with a load of bits and pieces.
I quite like this pose, it's very "Lawrence of Arabia" look about him.The shirt looks more Italian to me but I am no expert on this matter. 

This bloke sitting down started life with a beret and head phones on. A quick go with a file soon removed the bulk of that and  some Magi-sculpt gave him the same look as the previous fellow.
I made the braid from a very thinly rolled bit of sculpt,then I scored around the head dress with a piece of wire.The braid was placed in the groove and scored again with a blade.

The uniform was Vallejo Iraqi sand and washed with burnt umber.The head dress was Panzer ace French tanker highlight and dark rubber for the braid.A very simple paint job indeed.

Cheers for looking,   Rich.


Paul said...

Lovely job. Really good company Matador Models. Lots of Airfix conversion sets.

Well done.

Erhntly said...

Olaaa West :) I'm waiting your chevrolet . This figures are very nice.. very realisticvi

CarloAntonio said...

Fantastic look !!! As always

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Great job, Rich...especially the skintone