Sunday, 24 July 2011

RPM Ford T M.M.G.S American WWI 1/72.

Hello all,

I know I am going off on a bit of a WWI tangent at the moment, know idea why or really care I am enjoying it.
I saw this in the local model shop and thought I will get that when I have got the cash.Sod's law they sold out when I returned, so a quick troll of EBay and this was the result.
 I like trying to build different models from unusual era's and I think this fits the bill.
I have never heard of this company so I did the sensible thing and bought an armoured car as well.
It was a pig of a build, it only had a few parts 20-30 bits.They are badly moulded and the instructions are a bit iffy.I am sure a descent builder would have no problems with this though so don't be put off by this.
The Vickers was donated from a British ESCI soldier because the one in the kit was crap.I saw on on the net with a brass one fitted.It looked the nuts, but it was the same price as the kit and you couldn't get hold of one any way.
I would like to dazzle you with facts about this model but all I know about the Ford model T is that it comes in black.I have now proved this a lie as you can see.
 The figures are from the excellent WD models range and the stowage is from SGTS mess.
I have few figures from this company and plan on getting more.
The decals I cocked up with a bit to much micro solve and had to take the shine off them with weathering powder which accounts for the dusty look rather then muddy.

The base I feel I rushed it a bit.I think it could have been a bit bigger for this one.I needed to centralised it on the base.It is made from ballast from Hornby and silfor tufts along the edges.Putting some flowers on the edges didn't look right.The posing of the figures is a bit hit and miss, the bloke working at the front looks right but the bloke on the edge of the truck needed to be in the middle on some crates.

To be honest I happy with model but not with base and posing.Its a great little model and really want to get the ambulance version.I have a set of WWI medics that would look good with this kit.I think it was down to my choice of background and base size that I am not to thrilled with this effort.I could have done better the teachers report would say.

Cheers for looking,   Rich.


The Angry Lurker said...

Nice work, the base looks fine.

Al said...

Yeah, that looks great Rich, a nice wee model; something quite different

Erhntly said...

Model and base.. there are very nice .

Remco said...

Such a funny car this is.
I like him a lot.
Only would try to ad some color in it, like a red napkin or so.
A fine small vignette you did make here Rich!

Tim Gow said...

Very nice. I have seen this kit for sale at shows and managed to resist. It's almost a relief to hear it's such a pig to build!

Anonymous said...

Very nice indeed.

Sorry for leaving a late comment as you made a lot of new projects since that one.

But can you eventually give an information?

I would like to know what's the size comparison between these WD figures and the underfire selous scouts in insurgent dress.

Thanks for answering

west1871 said...

Thanks ano,

I would say the figures were ok scale wise. the scouts might be a little bigger but not alot.
I am intrested to find out what you intend to do with them.

Cheers Rich.

Anonymous said...

Well, yes, it needs a little bit of explanation.

First, I consider you as a pioneer for me as I discovered through your work on Benno's and on your blog a lots a figures brands.

I saw your job on selous scouts (both with AK and SLR) and I bought some from underfire miniatures. Wich were quite nice. Nicer too as these figures mixed well with the former esci (italeri now) US vietnam special forces and could be use as SOG operators with Vietcong dress (for the selous scouts with AK obviously)for a vietnam wargame called FNG.

Recently I read a report on Soviet forces in Afghanistan in the 80's and I started to think on some rules for this period who could be added to the FNG rules.

I needed first to check the cold war Soviets figures in the market. I bought first ESCI's Spetsnaz figures and although they are ok on height size, heads and legs compared to my US or selous scouts, the body in quite slim. Then I bought some elhiem's figures, they are ok but a litle bit less tall and the Head is bigger.

That's why I'm looking for some figures with overall to convert some Soviets VDV (air assault troops)with hooded overall (hood made with green stuff and the rest of the equipement thanks to Esci's Spetnaz)as I didn't find what I needed.

For the mujahideens, I really think underfire's figures are really Ok.

In a general view, I think figures with overall could really help to convert a lot of armies soldiers.

I saw as well, there's some wee friends figures you used for he sahariana who are quite nice as well and (if they are ok in size terms with Selous scouts) could be use for another project I've in mind (a kind of south america guerilla). But that's another story.

Anyway if you can help me for the VDV or anything, it will be great.