Saturday, 2 July 2011


Hello all,

My blogging has taken a bit of a back seat lately due to work commitments so I am sorry for not replying to every ones else's great work and I will make amends for it!
Stock check comes once a year and is the most annoying time of the year for some who runs a stores!A big BOOOO HIISSSSSS to stock check I say.
Anyway back the fun and relaxing part of my life.
This bemused looking fellow is from WD models and says he is a French tanker.Of the three men I could have chosen he is the least "tanker" looking of the lot.
I couldn't be bothered last night to glue the arms on the other fellows, but they will come.

When doing a bit of research on the very good "land ships" website, it revealed that they didn't have a lot to differentiate between them and the other units.I suppose that tanks coming out in the second half of the war meant the niceties of fancy decorations were not that high on the list.
 It was a nice change to not have to remove the metal  base from him due to the fact that WD models do not have them.A waste of money for them and an arse ache for me to remove them.They are good for weights on planes to be fair.
He is painted with Vallejo paints (like normal) and shaded with Vallejo blue wash and flesh tone.I tried to give it a subtle wash in the creases rather than the usual blunder buss approach I have to washes, like hose them down in it.
The base is just a plain old Games workshop base I bought. about twenty or so in a bag for a fiver.
Some more Vallejo dark mud smeared on the base and the bloke was simply shoved in and left to dry.
I put a bit of glue in the foot prints hoping for it to look like small puddles, more HOPE than anything!
I also tried a new (well new to me) technique for background shots.The infinity look was what I was going for, but I think I need some better lights.
The sheet of light blue paper A1 I think looked smaller in the shop.
Trying to find space on my work bench to lay the paper didn't quite happen.I had to take them on the floor so that's why the last one is quite dark.


Cheers for looking,     Rich.


Bard said...

Quite a handsome looking model. Great paint job!

Al said...

Very nice indeed

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Nice paintwork, Rich

mork6969 said...

A nice paintjob on a nice figure!

Paul said...

Nice and simple, what could be better!

Great work.

Thanos said...

Nice one Rich!!

Paul´s Bods said...

Stock!! Tell me about it...I cut 3 fingers and it´s put a bit of a damper on my painting!!!
french tanker...I hope that´s not a merchant banker ;-D
I think he´s pondering..."where´s my Tank?"
Nice looking fig..