Monday, 25 July 2011

British SAS in Dhofar, Oman 1971-72 1/72.

Hello all,

I have finally broken awy from WWI and have knocked up some British SAS in the rather secertive Oman war in the 70's.
I am reading  a book "Storm front" by the author Rowland White.He also wrote "Vulcan 607".
The book is about the Brits in the Sultan of Oman's airforce and the SAS who fought the insurgents in the Dhofar region.It also focus's on the battle of Mirbat,8 SAS against 250 Adoo rebels.
These figures are from Under fire miniatures.They started life as Rhodesian light infantry, but good figures with SLR's are hard to find and fitted the bill.A few mis-givings about webbing and the odd pocket in the wrong place, I can live with.
I had bought a spare set of these figures and did not know what to do with them until now.
I was suprised to see them wearing green fatiges in the desert but they know best and they won so there must be something to it.
The bloke kneeing down needs an airel in his pack radio, but the last one I tried didn't look right.
There is going to be a base for these lads but I need to get my hands on a descent sized frame.
I was also tempted to get my hands on the Italeri 25pdr gun for the battle of Mirbat.
The uniform colour was Vallejo German field grey, which is a colour I use a lot on modern uniform.The webbing is Khaki green, and all given a good dusting with Tamiya weathering powder, for that dusty look.

Here is some more blokes in the pipe line.I have one or two more with GPMG's slung and firing.

Cheers for looking,   Rich.


Tim Gow said...

Nice figures - as ever! Out of interest, how do you rate Storm Front? I enjoyed his previous two books.

Al said...

Nice figures, really well painted, a game or two with them might be in order?

Paul said...

Lovely job. Good blend of the right colours.

Lots of posts lately, you must be on a roll.

Dan said...

great looking figures, good paint job, I'm no expert on the SAS, but not sure the RLI shorts would have been worn by the SAS, but I could be wrong.

west1871 said...

Cheers all,

Tim, its a great book so far.

Dan, I thought the same to start with but in the book it has pictures of blokes in shorts and RLI kepi style caps as well.The 70's was dodgy decade for fashion and war zones were not exempt.

Cheers Rich.

Nick Grant said...

Very nice, 'specially the kneeling dude.


Tim Gow said...

"The 70's was dodgy decade for fashion and war zones were not exempt."
I think that's the quote of the week!