Monday, 11 July 2011

Valdemar medieval casualty 1/72.

Hello all,

Work, life and failed duel attempts are foiling my blogging at the moment so please bear with me.
The duel was with the great Paul of Paul's bod fame.My attempt at castle walls was bollocks to be honest and only made the bin!
 I decided to tackle another Nemesis this week and that is water!No I am not scared of it and can  swim as well.Trying Vallejo still water again,It's been a bit hit and miss with this stuff you have to have a bit of patience.
You have to pour it in layers of about 2-4mm deep and leave it 24 hours.It can be mixed with paint.
It drys leaving a curved effect but this can be over come when poring additional layers.
I put a couple of plants in the water this time to try a boggy look.
The base is a photo frame with a large thick sheet of packing foam.The rocky out crop is cast from woodland scenic moulds and painted with a very watered down Vallejo paint.
A few rocks from woodland scenic debris range scattered about.
 The grass tufts are from silfor and the loose stuff is from a large wall paper like sheet that fell off.Bloody handy that it did because its the same colour as the rest.
The figure is from Valdemar's skirmish casualty set.His was not the intended choice for this base, but it would have been boring without one on it.
Not sure if the scale armour should be leather or metal so if any one can help me out on this I would be grateful.


Cheers for looking,   Rich.


CarloAntonio said...

Fantastic work my friend !! Very nice base !!!

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Rich, the water looks fantastic...real nice.

Paul said...

Looks dead on!

Stop being so hard on yourself Rich. You are playing with the big boys when you mess with Paul.

Thanos said...

What a fantastic dio Rich!