Sunday, 17 July 2011

Emhar WWI German captured female tank 1/72.

Hello all,

I finally got off my arse and finished this tank that had been sitting on the work bench for ever.
The main reason this took so long was the fact that I had miss laid the decals.In one of the many attempts to keep the second bedroom looking like a bedroom and not a model shop (with the encouragement of "her in doors"), I had shoved them somewhere next to Lord Lucan and Red rum.
I had managed to snap the rails on top of the tank before I had fitted it, so looking at some pictures on the net not all tanks had them so bonus!
They are a pain in the backside to fit any way.The instructions are wrong as well, so after getting my fingers burnt on other tanks I read a build review on "On the way" site that explained how to build it correctly.
The build went okay and only the tracks didn't quite turn out as planned.It wasn't a problem as I intended to cover them in mud using Tamiya's weathering stick.It is like a lipstick and can just be smeared over the desired area's.
The tracks didn't quite sit right either and gaps appeared but again the weathering stick filled them.
 I had fun trying out my airbrush and think that I am getting somewhere with it.I do need an upgrade on the airbrush because it is a still a bit of a blunderbuss.
I gave it an undercoat of Vallejo airbrush German panzer grey primer, then a mix of light blue and panzer grey for the main colour.
I can only assume that the idea behind the camo scheme is that it tries to blend in with the skyline, most blokes looking at it would be looking up from a trench at it.
Then a few blobs of sand and camo brown to finish the camo scheme.
A good wash of Vallejo black wash took the edge off the light blue, which was rather bright.I didn't think it was going to work up to that point but It pulled it back.
The decals are a crap with Emhar kits, well it more than likely me.They end up shinny and wrinkle quite easily.
A few streaks of MiG Standard rust weather powder on the exhaust pipe and the rivets to give that worn, second hand tank look."One previous own madame,it was an old lady that only used to use it for shopping".
I am glad that I finished this one and should have got off my arse  and did a base for it, that might still happen but not yet.


Cheers for looking Rich.


Erhntly said...

very nice ... very realistic...
I added your link in my blog's favourites blog..

Tim Gow said...

An unusual subject and a nice finish. Did Lord Lucan help with the painting at all?

Ubique said...

Great paint job and very nice weathering.

peter said...

You did a great job on her! And I like the mud on the tracks.


Nick Grant said...

Excellent work. It looks "fresh from the field", so to speak.

And the colour scheme looks great. Reminds me of urban camo...



Bard said...

A beautiful model. And that weathering stick really seems to do wonders -- the mud caked on the tracks looks very real.

Paul said...

Bloody good job. Nice paint schemme and weathering...Or muddering.
Super work.

west1871 said...

Cheers lads,

The weathering stick hides a multitude of sins.I really like the Emhar tanks great models and bloody easy to make for a bone idle git like myself.

Cheers Rich.

Al said...

That is a most excellent addition to your collection Rich. All of my German tanks are the old Airfix ones, which I see have been re-released:)

Thanos said...

WOW!Excellent painting and weathering Rich!
Very good application of the pigments...
Well done Rich!!!

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Great looking tank...the dirt and mud on the tracks is perfect.